Thursday, June 30, 2011

boston tea party

When i travel out of Boston i always try and go out there the night before and hang out with my friends. My friends Jake and Lino moved there in the past year and i dont get to see them very often. They usually stay up late riding and talking shit about everything we can think of (all in good fun). My flight to michigan  was at 7:00PM on Tuesday. i took a train into boston at 11:00PM monday night. when i got there, there was a shit load of people hanging out "riding". i use the term riding loosely because after hours of hanging out we all took about 10 runs on a "foot tall ledge". 
   There was so many people there! probably about 30 kids on bicycles. i saw one kid bunny hop over a crack head lady and come inches from sprocket chunking her face. After 12 the crowd started to scatter and by the end it was just jake, lino, and i. we sat around for a few hours just talking, and by 2AM, it was time for the 2 of them to leave. i decided to stay cruising by myself. If you have ever been to boston after dark, you know how fun it is to watch the weird shit people are doing.
  I cruised around all night by myself. i ended up on the water front watching the sun come up over the harbor.

after the sun was up the city came to life. people running around like ants trying to get to work. people everywhere. i found a soft patch of grass and layed down to watch the madness. i fell asleep and woke up about 5 hours later.
doing stuff like this makes me think about how different i am from alot of people. here i am, pedaling around a city in the middle of the night, alone, just to watch how people act during those hours. all those people that ran past me in the morning, had no idea i was sitting in the grass just to watch them. or that i hadnt slept the whole night before and it wasnt because i was homeless or a crack head. or what about the people that ran by when i was asleep in the grass? what were they thinking? why is that guy sleeping there at 6AM? with his legs through the frame of his bicycle so no one could steal it.

when i woke up, i jumped on the subway and went to 90EAST. i love that place. people are always there  just hanging out. its perfect. at one point there was 10 guys in there having a crazy conversation about bull shit. stuff that didnt even matter. it was like a company meeting of the minds. talking about bmx? what the hell were we thinking? w/e i got to my plane perfectly on schedule and then they gave me a cold orange juice on the plane, with this napkin.

thats some solid advertising. i feel like its an advertisement for people to have a good time,  i wonder if it made any sales?

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