Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Keyboard cat... In a bus.

I woke up and there were cats hanging out in the bus. Cat party

Monday, November 29, 2010


i saw this quote on the LIFE? website and thought it was pretty awesome

"People are terrified to be set free – they hold on to their chains. They fight anyone who tries to break those chains. It's their security…How can they expect me or anyone else to set them free if they don't really want to be free?"
-Jim Morrison

which reminded me of a funny story my friend chunk told me this afternoon.it doesent really have anything to do with it but its still good to me. i guess he called the house that i used to live at looking for me and they had responded with " no hes not welcome here anymore" or something like that..  im not sure if its a misfire in the brain or just the way people are brought up.. but a closed mind is a terrible thing to use.  i have seen people get in fights with their girlfriends because the girls wanted to eat something they didnt approve of.  it seems like the weakest people are the ones who act the toughest.

i got to joes earlier today wearing a dirty shirt. it smelled fine when i put it on this morning.. but as soon as i started sweating i realized it was filthy.. he gave me a new fresh T with a pretty awesome logo on it

had my first good run in with the law this afternoon.. we were pedaling our bicycles down the sidewalk and a cop pulled up and took all of our id's because its illegal to ride bikes on the sidewalk.. its terrible that when we were downtown and a biker gang was punching out my friends all the cops said was "you guys should probably leave so you dont have any trouble" but when you ride a bicycle without a light or reflectors they are so quick to give you a $200 ticket.  police officers shouldnt prioritize things on how easy they are to enforce. yes its easier to give a kid a reflector ticket than it is to approach a group of burly bikers for getting in a bar fight.... but what is the crime?

Sunday, November 28, 2010


last year at this time my dad was recovering from the removal of the lower lobe of his left lung because of lung cancer.. and he didn't smoke. this year i spent the day riding 2 different sets of trails with my friends in austin texas.2,000 miles from where i grew up.
   its amazing how much things change in life throughout time.. if you let them. some things never change for people.. for some, change brings more fear than happiness.. i say bring on the change!

tom was just bare ass farting in the living room and shit on the floor...... im crying

biker gang fuck tards

the night started out the way any night should start out.. with a little keyboard cat part 2!

then we drove downtown listening to some great tunes the whole way.. having a blast

then we went to a space bar and kept the dancing alive


tom was wearing this jacket he bought at a thrift store..

we went to a bar and there was about 10 guys in a biker gang called the amigos.. which i did some re search about them and i guess they are a part of another biker gang called the bandidos which is responsible for alot of gnarly stuff. 

so this is the story from what i remember of it...

we walk into a bar and the bikers were all standing close to the door.. they saw toms jacket and one of them came over to ask him about it "hey where did you get that jacket?" "i got it at the thrift store"  "well you understand thats a marine jacket and your a disgrace and a hippie so i suggest you take it off or leave" and he walked away.

we stayed long enough for tom jared and levi to finish their drinks. while the whole gang stared at us. when we were just about to leave   another biker came up to tom.. he was twice as big as the first one and about 4 times as big as tom.  he said "what did you say?"  "nothing man we were just about to leave chill out" what did you say ?" and then punched tom super hard in the face!  
jared shoved the guy off tom and atleast 5 of them jumped on jared and started beating the shit out of him.

it absolutely makes zero sense to me why people would fight other people. and shocks me that a group of 40+ year old men would feel the need to fuck with people that were 1/3 their size.. the whole "tough" or "badass" attitude is a joke. but i guess i just dont understand it.. my guess is a huge insecurity that they over compensate for with kicking the shit out of people smaller than them.

after the beat down we headed to some other bars... started some more dance parties and had a good time.. fun times like a double stuffed oreo!

this picture is amazing...

and this guy was coming in a close second to joe rich for nicest guy of the year 

Saturday, November 27, 2010



good days!!

austin life...

tom just bought this... $120 for a cardboard cutout of himself naked holding a machete and a can of dr pepper.. not a bad investment.

double decker hammock party

this is awesome

we have been doing this puzzle the last 3 days.. we finished it and we are missing 1 piece.. its frustrating to do a puzzle and be short one piece...

tons of people riding T-1 this afternoon.. crazyness.. tom hitting the ceiling..typical drop in to 10ft first air.. bobby parker air guitar?



good times good times good times..!!!


Thursday, November 25, 2010


4 years ago 3 friends and myself spent the day before thanksgiving in a strip club for 8 hours straight.. we got talking to the bartender and ended up going to her house for thanksgiving..

this year we woke up and did a bicycle scavenger hunt through austin.. i went down with the 3 people i am staying with but when i got there corrigan and barlow needed another guy so we evened the teams out and i went with them.. we kicked ass!  corrigan had this awesome shopping cart bike that clint made

we found a boot with a mouse living in it..  team mouse boot wins it alllllll!!!

tom joeseph and brian brought back the craziest thing to the finish line.. and huge tractor tire

we took the win which felt oh so good.. best scavenger partners corrigan and barlow.. barlow ripped a tooth out of a dead raccoon for 100 points.

when we got home from the hunt we cooked up a dialed thanksgiving dinner.. brian made an amazing beef briskit and i dialed in some mashed potatos and everyone else pitched in some food and the meal was superb

my friend craig sent me a picture of a tattoo he gave himself.. its really awesome

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Tom and I have been getting down on some yoga lately. its called sweaty yoga. the room is 100°and candle lit. its an hour of the most intense yoga i have ever done and id say we have been enjoying it a little too much.. tonight tom rushed out of the room so he could have a one on one conversation with the teacher about his blood circulation and his troubles with certain poses. yea the bad driving dr pepper drinking tom dugan is a stretch nerd.
   My ex used to love yoga and i really enjoyed it too but we didnt do it enough together. its terrible how that happens.

go try some yoga you would be surprised that you might acctually enjoy it.i know i do.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

writers block

lately it seems like i never can think of anything to say on here.. just posting pictures of us riding with a little caption just isnt doing it for me.. i havent been reading at all since i have been in austin and when i was reading alot in tennessee i always enjoyed the things i would post...so i got out the book and started reading again..hopefully get through this book finally and get on to the new one i just bought.
 i changed up the top of the site.. made a page for links that i enjoy checking out. and a videos page of all the webvideos i like(which are usually based around traveling with friends) and a little page about why i made the site and all that garbage..  check it out

rode 9th street with tom today.. a bunch of little kids showed up and were star struck by him.. they were just staring at him so much everytime he rode by.. so weird
   also aaron had a thanksgiving feast at his house the other night.dubbed "ROSSgiving". there was a ton of people there and the food was legit!

this is devins dog.. he is 18 years old and crazy




Monday, November 22, 2010

movie times

movie going is the hot ticket in this house... went again tonight to see the new harry potter.. im not a huge harry potter nerd but i have seen all of them and tonight we waited in line for 3 hours to get good seats...whatever i guess we are nerds... but i will say that it was alot better than the last one..

and who can deny how pretty hermonie is.. but im not sure about how old she is...

i forgot to renew my website address so trailsrule.com didnt work all day.. but i fixed it and it will work eventually and be all set for the next 2 years 

date night great night

went on a date the other night.. first date in a while.. good times... got picked up around 7.

went to T-1 to help joe and logan fold the new shipment of shirts.

then we went to peter pan mini golf and played a quick round..

then to the movies to see the movie "127 hours" which was about the guy who got his arm stuck between rocks while rock climbing and had to cut his arm off with a leatherman. its a true story and that guy is a gnarly dude

also check out this video from a trip some friends went on to colorado to ride bikes.. im not a huge web video fan because the majority of the time i feel like they are sending off the wrong message about bmx.. but videos like this are the opposite. by the end of this you realize that bmx is about sharing good times and good memories with your friends, traveling and creating new experiences for yourself.. not about the riding . thank you joe and all the T-1 dudes for understanding that and sharing it with everyone else.. really really stoked on this !

T-1 "We Love Colorado" 2010 from joe rich on Vimeo.