Tuesday, May 31, 2011


this is a pretty strong quote that i know at times even i could try practicing a little more

"A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself" -- Jim Morrison

"its all good in the woods" -- el feces

photo by the beef

road biking

i love riding my road bike. not for fitness and not to try and be a good road bike rider. just the enjoyment of smooth cruising with the thin tires under me,maybe for like 5 or 10 miles. being able to get into a high gear up hills and a low gear down hills. its so much fun. i haven't been able to ride my road bike much since i have been up north but hopefully that will change soon. a few weeks ago i did a ride with a bunch of people when i was visiting the town i used to live in. i didnt have any other clothes so i had to go in jeans, but everyone had on their spandex suits. i always felt like if you take something too seriously, it takes the fun out of it. i know some people find it fun to be serious, but my personal opinion is to not over do it. when you start dressing like this to ride a bicycle....it might be time to re-evaluate.

this is awesome. never taken too seriously.

im just trying to get here. to do a little snorkeling.

adios capers

today is my last day with my friends ryan and shauna.

its gonna be hard to leave this place

in celebration of the bruins making it to the finals, i bought this jersey and wont be taking it off until its over. so if you see me in the next 2 weeks i will be looking like happy gilmore.

movie night the other night. watching the goonies in the back yard with a projector on this massive screen. such a good time


thanks again to my friends here for everything. i had a blast and i cant thank you enough.

plymouth skatepark.

i will see everyone in boston tonight.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

different things in your lives

i want to try it all. i wanna build boat motors at a marina.

or have to go through this pile of keys to find the lost key to said motor 

 i wanna ride an old motorcycle back and forth to that marina.

today we went mountain biking. it was awesome. i have only been mountain biking once. but i love bikes. i found 15 ticks on me after though. seriously 15

where im staying is packed with cranberry bogs. ryan and shauna are friends with the guy who owns ocean spray. kinda crazy. i love that juice. this is a picture of the bogs at the end of the driveway. anyone that loves cranberry juice and doesent know what they look like growing...this is it


Friday, May 27, 2011


stanley cup finals

Thursday, May 26, 2011

nomadic living

this summer has been crazy. from austin to connecticut for a few weeks where i did some electrical work,stacked some logs, and dialed some stuff at a machine shop.

left and went to providence to work at my friends bike shop for 3 weeks. its weird to be living in a log cabin in the middle of the woods going canoeing all the time then the next day working at a bike shop and living in a busy city. change is always good. i was never one for routine.

after the 3 weeks in providence i headed to plymouth massachusetts to work on boats at my friends marina. and that is where i am now. plymouth was where christopher columbus hit land when he got to the u.s.  again its completely different here than it was at the other 2 places i stayed. 
my friends ryan and shauna are letting me stay in their house with them for a week or 2. its a brand new house with a garage full of a bunch of fun shit for me to enjoy. they have been feeding me like a king. lobster for lunch and stuffed clams and salmon for dinner? ILL TAKE IT!

this is a picture of ryan working while his dog bailey watches.

ryan and bailey on the sherpa. 5 seconds after i took this picture ryan lost control of the bike and hit a boat trailer and bailey fell off. 

its nice here. its not what im used to. after living in a bus for so long i feel a little uncomfortable and out of place in nice houses, but life is about experiences and its all good if you ask me. the future has some great things in store. the term "the things you own end up owning you" wasnt thought up for no reason.
go out and have an adventure. maybe pack a back pack and grab your skateboard and start hitch hiking like these guys. 

check out the videos page. new jackson allen video that is incredible

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

El Feces 666

holeshot knows whats important in bmx. from the t shirt with gary ellis on it and the 10 pages of 1990's schwinn bmx to the stickers that say "NO EGOS" and the  last issue box set. if you dont know what im talking about, do yourself a favor and read the "el feces 666" write up in the 6th or 7th issue?
they started a fund raiser to help get the ball rolling on the final issue/box set. click the link and donate a few bucks. bmx needs more of this and a little less worrying about your shitty web edit.

                          El Feces

shitty graffiti

i love  shitty   awesome graffiti. if someone takes time out of their day to spray paint "Mary has a wide-set vagina" on the ground, i dig it.

and im shocked that i didnt know this.. but i guess its obvious. 

im sure the guy who wrote this little gem wasnt ignorant....

the good thing about graffiti is that its everywhere. its not always on a brick wall in an alley. i always see awesome terrible artwork on the ground at skateparks. kids will write with a marker "kevin is gay" or "beth is fat". when you cant find abandoned buildings like this one to look for crappy graffiti.

maybe you can just find it on a random street sign in the middle of the woods in your town?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

life updates

the rapture happened. i have been fighting zombies for the last week. jesus came down and judged me and sent me to hell because i was nice to people but i didnt believe in him.  the good news is that no one was sent to heaven because no one is perfect enough. and hell is acctually where we all live now. in a world where people kill each other in disagreement of whos god is the real god.


rapture preperation at circuit bmx

the bomb shelter...

in celebration of god not being real. i took the train out to boston to hang out with some friends i havent seen in a while. webster jake and lino are awesome dudes. i love everything that 90 east is doing and its awesome to count those guys among my good old friends.

stoked on this picture of jake. i was hoping it would come out like this and it acctually turned out how i wanted it. 

i heard the term "no homo" used multiple times through out the night. which always weirds me out because i think of it as someone thinking they have to reassure the people around them that they arent attracted to them. like "hey im gonna compliment you but its not because i wanna bang you". 

thanks because i was thinking you telling me i looked good doing that bar spin was you hitting on me. 

this is lino gonzales

had an awesome time with old friends. cant wait to do it again..ALL HOMO.

Friday, May 20, 2011

tomorrow is the end of the world

i suggest everyone make their tin foil helmets. because tomorrow is the big day! JESUS IS COMING

me - "christians said its the end of the world tomorrow.. tin foil helmet is my only hope"

kelly baker -  "I hope not. The boys have a baseball game tomorrow. Too many have been rained out already also"

Thursday, May 19, 2011

circuit shop tats

our bud bobby came into circuit the other day with a tattoo gun a girl gave him because her parents wouldnt let her keep it hahahaha. hes still in highschool and vic and i let him tattoo us.

i got this. bobby p is quite the artist

vic getting his "hell yeah!" tattoo

vics tattoo.  is that the worst "e" ever?? HELL YEAH IT IS!