Saturday, August 30, 2008

woot woot

me and tito went to the orchard and worked on the jumps today...:) im really pumped we got the first berm dialed and the first lip done..we are gonna work on the landing this week hopefully and before you know it we have one jump done and im riding jumps again..its crazy and im really happy about the new spot..i dont have a camera but tito took a bunch of pics with his and im gonna try and load em on here one has been checking this site out but hopefully it will start again and ill be able to keep posting pics of the progress going on at the new spot...your in the jungle baby!!!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

jyles dallhausser

i saw this vid of mark on the pedafile site...its fun i enjoyed it and you will too
Mark Mulville trails and street in Pittsburg...UGP from chad degroot on Vimeo.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


i saw tis vid on brian tunneys not a huge street dude and everyone knows that but this video is real good and he is real good..
Federal Bikes - Jared Washington Edit from Federal BMX on Vimeo.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

the come back

i went out to the new trails spot the last 2 days...the more i go up there the more i can see the potential the place really excited about this fall and really getting stuff going up hopefully gonna have my camera to take some pics of the progress and if all goes well i will be updating this more frequently like i used to when we were going to the wolf den...keep checking back for updates and let severyone know im gonna be posting pics of the new spot :)

Friday, August 22, 2008

NH TRAIL DUDES from Johnny Herrick on Vimeo.

i know noone probly looks at this site anymore...and i have had no ambition to post stuff on here lately since my trails got shut down...i went on a trip last week with some amazing dudes...i had alot of fun and really made me realize how much fun riding my bicycle is with friends...johnny herrick made this video...hes a dude that built the dover trails and he filmed everyone when we went up there to ride..this video really does the trails no justice..they are wild and dialed and everyone had soo much fun up there...enjoy the vid

Saturday, August 2, 2008