Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Weekend 13

go to Least Most and check out the weekend 13 gallery crandall posted up. Holiday gets sick.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Adios Richmond

My last days in Richmond have been spent with all my friends. Riding bikes, and sitting outside all day and night. Got a few snap shots from the last few days here. Weather was dialed. wormz bought these shades with palm trees on them


 This is a true skaters bathroom. mag opened up to a page full of old school boards. if you could see out the window, you would see a bunch of dudes ripping the swimming pool in the yard. Crandall took a couple pictures while we were there. you can check them out HERE.

Stoked on this pic crandall snapped of me jumping over the death box. Thanks again pat for the good times. Your pool was one of the best things i have ever rode, its perfect. Lost bowl!

 Neil and mollie hanging out by the fire.
pump track.

Head out tomorrow morning from Richmond. After all the plans to fly to Austin. I got a one way to San Francisco to hang out with Jackson and do a little exploring of the Western coast. I packed my bike up in a little blue guitar bag Holiday let me use(Thank you, its dialed), got my skateboard, and got a backpack with some socks and my camping gear. Let the adventure begin.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

un-eventful weird

I think last night was weird. I didn't really realize it until 5AM. When i was pedaling a shitty beach cruiser, with warped wheels and bent cranks, across a vacant version of Richmond. Just trying to get to my friends couch so i could go to sleep.

Friday, January 27, 2012

A perfect spot.

One of my last days in Richmond, I went riding bikes with Evan. We had plans to ride a skatepark In Laurel, that has a 10ft vert ramp and a weird tranny bowl. Sounded like a recipe for a good time.
    We got stuck in traffic for a while. And when we got there, the park, for some reason, was locked up for winter for 4 months. It was 60 outside.

With the Nazi town park rangers lurking around. Jumping the fence wasnt going to happen. We jumped in the car and drove another hour (which should have taken 15 minutes) back to where we started. All of a sudden, It was like a light bulb went off in Evans head. He turned to me and told me he has the perfect spot for us to go to. "you are going to love this place".  We pulled up to this spot.

In front of this 3 foot long sketchy box jump, there was another 3 ft long sketchier box jump. The ribs had blown out on the left side. stay right or get bucked. 
Evan was right. The perfect setup. I loved it.

Evan getting sick.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Headin' West.

I lost my camera a few days ago and this morning i woke up with this idea in my head to go look in this parking lot for it. It was sitting in the middle of a parking space, untouched. I'm pumped.
   Richmond has been great. Riding bikes all day. Mountain bikes in Richmond is the cats trousers. Holiday got back from Puerto Rico. Always a good time with him. Made some good food with Chef Holiday the other night. Didn't think i was going to be able to post any of these pics of his disgusting pony tail. I'm glad i found my camera.

Rode Pats pool again. It was even better the second time. 

Evan V.

Back on the road on Tuesday. Decided not to go straight to Austin. Got a plane ticket to San francisco instead. We'll see what happens.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I grew up riding dirtjumps. before i knew what bmx was, we were riding dirtjumps we built somewhere. My favorite thing about riding jumps, is that it hasnt changed since i started riding.
   The last thing i want to do is watch "Lil Stevie" muscle his way through a 1080 bunny hop or do a bunny hop truck driver with a paper bag on his head. Or watch Someone do a tailwhip barspin flair to caserole over a box jump. Dirt jumping has remained untouched by the bull shit, come up, internet influenced bmx. You see the same tricks from 20 years ago. The simplicity of someone doing a toboggan or a tire grab over a double, is still in tact. Or doing nothing but jumping a jump. In the woods no one cares what you can do. no one is impressed with the circus act. I cant tell you how many times i have seen someone do some crazy trick over a dirtjump and nobody acknowledges it, and then 10 seconds later someone hits the same jump and kicks out the back end with style and everyone gives him a yell. Trail riders are a different breed. They work hard for a place to ride. and that appreciation comes out in their riding.

i was able to snap this pic of steve riding on January 20th at the spot he digs with some friends. Thanks for the good times guys. the place is awesome

no foot cran cran photo

Monday, January 23, 2012

Bicycle riding

Evan told me that the mountain bike trail in Richmond that goes around the James river, wins awards all the time for "best urban mountain bike trails in the U.S." And i wouldnt doubt it because the trail is a blast to ride and beautiful. Evan has an extra mountain bike so we went for a morning bike ride a few days ago. We hit the big one and headed out. you have to pedal for less than a mile and over the river, to the head of the trail.

We took our time riding the trails. hitting fun hills, jumps, bridges and whatever else, multiple times. The trail goes through an old civil war bunker on the island. lots of old buildings. My camera battery died but i got a few pics of the good times.


When people go on road trips, the main focus is usually a destination.  What about the space between point A and B? Long hours driving in the car. music playing. looking out the window. Talking to whoever your sitting next to. That could be the best part of the trip, But it usually gets rushed to get to the destination sooner. I have been fortunate to travel with good friends and great company. Heres a few Random pics from the road. My favorite part of it. The journey not the destination.

Evans gas station snack...

Todd from beavis and butt head


Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Ocean

" The ocean is pretty crazy. Where else can you see so much vastness?" - Ruel Smith

There's not alot of places where you can see so much of nothing. Which is what makes the ocean so perfect. I wanna surf a wave that breaks away from the shore, so im looking at nothing. Maybe the reason people beep in traffic and rush to do everything, is because they dont spend enough time enjoying nothing. Does that make sense?

Saturday, January 21, 2012


You can tell alot about a person by looking at their hands...

Columbia SC.

Last day of the trip. Chilled extra hard. Skated the bowl barefoot for a while. love skating bowls with no shoes on. the bowl felt like trails. Evan layed it flat with his foot off. Crandall carved over some stairs in a pool corner. Banners shut it down.


One of the best trips i have ever been on. traveled with great people and had a blast riding everywhere. Thank you FBM.  Thank you BMX.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Savannah night life...

"Wanna go to a house party?"   "yes."

Everyone went to that party. It was a house warming for 2 girls, Kat and Meg, and the house was jammed with people. Someone threw a cup of beer in Kenny's face and he beat the shit out of him. i was inside dancing in the living room.

I saw a drunk girl try to use a hula hoop and eat shit. it looked like she was trying to hula hoop laying down in the middle of the living room.
   I had brought a few roman candles to the party and layed them around the house in random spots. I wanted to see who would end up shooting them. I was sitting next to the fire and a random guy just walked into the back yard and started blasting one off. one of them bounced off a tree branch and almost hit steve in the face. At some point he saw a roman candle laying in the house and decided to blast it.
 I went over and introduced myself to him. he was awesome.

minutes after the roman candle guy. Latane did a keg stand. as he was getting let down, a guy walked by with a huge tray of corn. yelling something about how stoked he was to have a tray of corn. Latane accidentally kicked the tray out of his hands. I was almost video taping it, it would have been awesome. but heres a picture of Latane having to pick up the corn in front of everyone heckling him. It was a good time..

Kung fu dance off. Z - dog/Bear Meg and Kat.. Thanks for the good time

Savannah day time left-overs

Some more random photos from riding around for a few days in Savannah. Wormz is a rad dude.

jordan is awesome.. Latane cameo in the back ground ( Pre tie dye/jean jacket top hat outfit)

Evan was getting rad on this thing.. good spot bad pic.

Piss Bucket

and the night... yet again.. got weird