Friday, January 27, 2012

A perfect spot.

One of my last days in Richmond, I went riding bikes with Evan. We had plans to ride a skatepark In Laurel, that has a 10ft vert ramp and a weird tranny bowl. Sounded like a recipe for a good time.
    We got stuck in traffic for a while. And when we got there, the park, for some reason, was locked up for winter for 4 months. It was 60 outside.

With the Nazi town park rangers lurking around. Jumping the fence wasnt going to happen. We jumped in the car and drove another hour (which should have taken 15 minutes) back to where we started. All of a sudden, It was like a light bulb went off in Evans head. He turned to me and told me he has the perfect spot for us to go to. "you are going to love this place".  We pulled up to this spot.

In front of this 3 foot long sketchy box jump, there was another 3 ft long sketchier box jump. The ribs had blown out on the left side. stay right or get bucked. 
Evan was right. The perfect setup. I loved it.

Evan getting sick.

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