Friday, January 20, 2012

Savannah night life...

"Wanna go to a house party?"   "yes."

Everyone went to that party. It was a house warming for 2 girls, Kat and Meg, and the house was jammed with people. Someone threw a cup of beer in Kenny's face and he beat the shit out of him. i was inside dancing in the living room.

I saw a drunk girl try to use a hula hoop and eat shit. it looked like she was trying to hula hoop laying down in the middle of the living room.
   I had brought a few roman candles to the party and layed them around the house in random spots. I wanted to see who would end up shooting them. I was sitting next to the fire and a random guy just walked into the back yard and started blasting one off. one of them bounced off a tree branch and almost hit steve in the face. At some point he saw a roman candle laying in the house and decided to blast it.
 I went over and introduced myself to him. he was awesome.

minutes after the roman candle guy. Latane did a keg stand. as he was getting let down, a guy walked by with a huge tray of corn. yelling something about how stoked he was to have a tray of corn. Latane accidentally kicked the tray out of his hands. I was almost video taping it, it would have been awesome. but heres a picture of Latane having to pick up the corn in front of everyone heckling him. It was a good time..

Kung fu dance off. Z - dog/Bear Meg and Kat.. Thanks for the good time

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