Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tumbler the Nazi

We drew a swastika on this little buggers forehead. He got out of the house this afternoon. And nice Older lady found him and called us to come get him " hey I think i found your dog. He's a beagle and he has a swastika on his forehead". Yep that's ours we will be right over to get him thanks!

last night photos

 tj,danny,and i

some girl that told me she was obsessed with charles manson,dang dang,levi,and kyle

me and rapey the rabbit 

what a dayyyyyy

went out to eastside for a little hang out bike riding..those jumps feel so good.  and this giant lip has "die" spray painted on it

watching matty and clint ride there was so awesome.



after east side we came back to the house..joeseph hung out by his creepy bear dream catcher

and we all got dressed up in costumes to go out in the town... originally i was going to be death metal jesus...

but after some thought ... i decided to be charles manson...

cody was "rapey" the rabbit. awesome

we went to shakespeares and stood in a hallway heckling people as they walked by. there was some awesome costumes. tom was wheres waldo.. along with 20 other people

someone was captain fun.

arrested? mischievous 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

east side jam

east side jam this tonight

whatever is happening

today we did whatever the hell we felt like.. woke up late, watched REALLY fucked up porno

 ,shot a squirrel with a blow gun,rode tandem motorcycles to eat sandwiches 

, played mini golf(kinda), 

rode trails,pet dogs.. not too shabby of a day.

. tomorrow trail jam.. get some

DAN francisco 

Thursday, October 28, 2010

blow guns

bad idea in a house full of bmx'ers????  deffinitly

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

ATX living!!

i am so happy right now..  will and i hit the road in the bus from memphis and made it to austin in no time flat..we stopped in little rock to eat pizza... which doesent seem like a big deal but it got me thinking about how awesome life is. we are driving in a bus across the country and we are coming up on a major city and will says "you wanna stop at this awesome pizza place called vinos in little rock?" absolutely zero plans or schedule we just detour and sit in a pizza place in the middle of the country for 2 hrs.. the freedom to be able to do anything you want to do in your life (even if it is something as small as pizza) is the best feeling.

i drove to about 100 miles from dallas and then will hit the wheels and drove until late into the night.. putting us only 100 miles outside of austin.

got to austin early this morning.the bus drove amazing the entire time down here.. i love that thing !! hug and kiss all over that thing.

got to town hung for an hour and headed to skate chris' mini ramp.. 4 ft ramp with 5ft extensions...perfect.

then 9th street... serious bmx history at that place.. it was packed with people.

we are staying with tom and the wild house brian,joeseph,cody,and dudes..pumped

i got an electrical job..i start tomorrow.. i love it here

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


i made it to memphis!!  the drive through virginia was gorgeous.. the appalachian mountain range is amazing.

siked on this picture.

i slept in a hotel parking lot last night and woke up and had some free breakfast.. i knew i had made it to the south when i saw a billboard that said 


it shocks me that people can still be so ignorant about things.... but i guess if you dont believe in evolution than you cant be expected to evolve..

made it to memphis and will decided he is going to make the drive with me to austin!! i am excited to have some company the rest of the way.. see ya in austin!

find a way to get as stoked as this dude is about life!!!!!

bmx olympics

eric and his bus are adventurous

Monday, October 25, 2010

out with the Cold in with the new

gave myself the greenlight to start the trip south.. i sat around vics living room for a solid few hours procrastinating until i got some motivation.. i wanted to drive through new york city in the middle of the night to avoid traffic. it worked. there was no cars on the road when i was driving through the was awesome.. i made it to bethlehem pennsylvania and found a nice yard to park next to with 2 trees in it.. i love a good parkinglot yard!

in virginia right now...hopefully get to memphis tennessee late late tonight or tomorrow morning sometime.. 13 thumbs ups so far from strangers passing the bus!!!  having a blast having an adventure!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


really siked to be back in the bus! i missed it !

its cold out at night up here... we rode our road bikes to the show last night and thats always fun for me because i dont live in a city and im not used to using my bike for transportation like that

today was the big day!!! bmx olympics.. aka olympics-o-ween.
there was over 60 people there at one point. and this event could seriously be huge.. the more i think about it.. the more it makes sense... relay race where you hand off the bike your on would be awesome.

this bike setup never stops amazing me..


stand up wheelie
longest manual
dead stop sprint race
high jump
2 hip pork high hop (41 lbs!!)
long jump

there is deffinitly a bunch more awesome ideas to make an event like this even better. but this is just what we did today and every event was strictly about fun and you could tell and it was awesome.

lots of awesome pictures were taken... but not by me  maybe some will turn up online and i will re post a few.. next years olympics will be nuts