Wednesday, June 30, 2010

fbm gypsy caravan day five

slept at the orchard under the stars.. had a nice litle fire and woke up pretty early..headed towards worcester and made at pit stop at the auburn full pipe..what a masterpiece that thing is

recycles actor/film star Kitt West and myself repelled into the pipe to check it out  up close and personal

nothing down there but a turtle and a dead beaver

the turtle was stuck down there and had no place to go so kitt and i started operation turtle rescue to get him outta the pipe..we made a cage for him out of my hat and our friend balls pulled him out..turtle was  so siked i bet he was jumping out of the water doing flips like a dolphin and shit. stoked turtle!

went to worcester to ride street and met up with lino and some of the other 90east dudes..rode some street and then rode greenhill skatepark and had a 2 hour fly out much fun.
started at one of my old favorite spots...all changed and a total let down

rode too much at greenhill..forgot to take ice cream from MMOOOOE  and headed to providence to meet up with the rest of the teams for the night..get awesome day 6 tomorrow

fbm gypsy caravan day four

woke up and went to dayville one really rode because the place was like a bee hive swarming with kids on bikes..i rode for a minute while alot of basketball was played.

then the fun began when we headed to the cottage for some jet ski's, lake jump's, bbq's, and friend.. recycles met us up there and we stayed there all day

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

fbm gypsy caravan day three

slept on a vert ramp..woke up at 5am and was riding the park by 530..again i rode too much to remember to take any pictures while we were there.. so i snatched a few pics off of the FBM site that crandall took
tom blyth ramp shred

bob quirk junkfood style

adam ginch the man in a pinch

we had to be on the ferry by 11 so we hit the road and went to orient point to get on the ferry to go to new london.  BOAT PARTYYY!!!

arrived in new london and headed to groton skatepark..usually you get kicked out of that place...especially on a weekend..we got there at 1230 on a sunday and somehow managed to have the place to ourselves for hours with no troubles..

from groton it was straight to my town..its weird being on a road trip and spending time in the town you live in..chuck put together a kick ass barbecue for the whole team at the daily grind..good times and good food for everyone..garret was having a little too much fun singing into chicken legs. and crandall was getting nicks little brother siked on fbm the best way he knew creepy

chuck and crandall got along great

slept at my house,had a BUS PARTY!! and everyone got to take showers.which was nice for a change..tom even got to blow dry his hair for 30 minutes so he was siked

day 4 tomorrow

fbm gypsy caravan day two

woke up in new york city, met back up with tito and chris...everyone hung out in the driveway for hours.some people took showers..some people took pictures of people taking showers

after new york city, we drove to long island to ride the panamoka trails

i didnt take a single picture at panamoka because i rode from the minute we got there,until the minute we left..i didnt stop at all to take pictures..which im bummed about now but i was siked about it then . after we rode panamoka we went to a skatepark in greenport long island, they had a vert ramp and a dialed 6 foot spine mini. we camped out with the holeshot and the recycles team..everyone cooked some food gypsy style and slept all over the place. camping out with friends sleeping in random places and grilling food renegade style is something to appreciate.

another amazing day of riding and spending time with friends...filling the memory banks with good times and good stories to remember

day 3 later on!

Monday, June 28, 2010

fbm gypsy caravan day one

just went on a trip for a week.. alot of friends were there and it was a great week full of adventure and story gathering..

tito,chris,and myself left last friday and drove to new york city to meet up with the rest of the teams and have a little party.. the drive down was a story in itself..i had to take over driving shortly after this little number

alot of bathroom breaks without stopping.

after we got to new york city, everyone was ready to rip it up..the heinekeg was getting some good use from everyoneat the party...including the animals.

that night i hit the sheets in a tiny house piled with people and bicycles..chris and tito went out into the city and got into some mischief with some of the circuit team.

day 2 later on!