Thursday, December 30, 2010

fbm 2010 recap slideshow

this probably means more to me than it would to you . but check it out and see a slideshow of a bunch of random pictures from things fbm has done this past year.

2010 FBM yearend Slideshow from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the endless summer

im over hearing people say "i wish i could do that" and " its just not that easy" and any other negative comments about what they are capable of. just do it already!!!! if you wanna go somewhere, go there. it sounds simple but some people just don't understand that they are capable of doing the things they want to do. all you need is a positive attitude and a little confidence in yourself and things will work out.  you could live the endless summer if you wanted to! traveling around the world in search of the perfect "wave". spend less time worrying about things and more times doing things.

i dont care if you live in maine and you have 10 dollars to your name and you wanna go to colorado to go skiing. you could make it happen no sweat..
    4 months ago i spent my birthday in the bus with about 10 dollars to my name. i spent the whole day waiting to see what my g/f wanted to do and when i saw her at about 5pm, she instantly broke up with me. i worked for a few weeks,made enough money to buy a plane ticket and flew to tennessee. got a shit job working at a fair for 15 hours a day for a week straight for 8 bucks an hour. toughed it out and at the end had enough money to fly back home pick up the bus and drive it to texas. when i got here i had about 100 bucks left and a loose plan. found a job.. worked for 3 weeks and then had a blast swimming in the warmth and riding my bike everyday for 3 more weeks. got another random job for a week in west texas. went out there busted it out and rode a bunch of skateparks on the way back to austin. and here i am again back in the same boat. i got paid 570 bucks for the week of work and i spent 400 of it on a plane ticket to puerto rico for a month. i just spent 50 bucks on groceries and now i have 120 dollars to my name with no plans to get more.   with the wonderful world of craigslist. its impossible to not find a way to get money if your not lazy about it.. this is a pointless post but its just a reminder that if you want to do something you can do it.

 "go confidently in the direction of your dreams! live the life you have imagined." 
- thoreau

Monday, December 27, 2010

new credence bikes website

the credence site crashed again on clint so he started a new site.. today he posted a few pics from us hanging out in the back yard.. we have been steadily roasting a barrel fire in the yard for 3 days straight. scooter mini ramp sessions. check out the site here

Sunday, December 26, 2010


heres 3 stickers that were on random things in stews house.

merry xxx mas

clint and i have been roasting a barrel fire for 3 days now.. today we rode a scooter on a mini ramp, played ping pong, and poked a fire with a stick all day.. not a bad holiday if you ask me.!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Harold and Maude

i used to have a girlfriend that loved the movie Harold and Maude. I watched it with her a bunch of times but she was a babe and i just never paid too much attention to the movie. she was like a young version of maude. and at the time i wasnt a suicidal harold. but i didnt have a clue about feeling free.

now i watch the movie and i understand what the hype was about

life is flimsy. no need to get too stable with it.

Anthem frames

its always a treat when people get together in bmx to do any kind of collaboration. anthem and fbm collaboration frame. black and white.

i got 99 problems but worrying about them aint one.


circuit bmx online mailorder your anthem steadfast fbm frame. link in the side bar>>>>>>>>>>>>>

i posted the fbm documentary in the videos page.. give it a peek you wont be disappointed.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

newsflash. jesus died for your sins!!

someone gave me this card at the skatepark the other day

the back reads...

"i know its something you may not like to think about,but i have a very important reason for wanting to remind you that; you are part of the ultimate statistic, 10 out of 10 people die. one day your heart will stop beating and you will be DEAD! the bible says that you will then be judged by the holy and righteous god, who created this universe,for every word, thought, and action in your life. will you be innocent or guilty? lets check the standard, the ten commandments. have you ever lied (even a little "white" lie)? have you ever stolen something (even something small)? than you are a lying thief. if youve lusted, than you have commited adultery in your heart. if youve hated someone, the bible says you are a MURDERER. you will be guilty and end up in HELL. god is absolutely perfect and he hates sin, but he sent his son, jesus christ, to die and take your punishment on the cross for you. he then rose from the grave-- defeating death. so repent today, trust the savior, and you will recieve everlasting life. read the bible daily and obey what you read."

i really cant ever get enough of this shit. i find the same amount of humor in reading this as i would watching a george carlin stand up comedy act. i wanna thank the person who gave me this card and i especially wanna thank jesus christ for dying for my sins. and remember kids, lifes not worth living unless your living in fear that you might not be perfect!


Holeshot zine

Recieved the new issue of Holeshot yesterday. hole shot is a bmx zine that seems to focus on old school stuff, traveling, and the simplicity that people seem to forget about in bmx. t shirts with gary ellis on them, a 20 page zine just about kona skatepark, and stickers that say "no egos" on them are just a few of the things that make holeshot so awesome.. you can pick up a copy of the new issue and maybe a koozie or ellis t shirt HERE.

a few things to look forward to in issue 8

Schwinn bikes 1996-2001
club portugese homeboy
dean sleeper
perma summer article
hank hill bike check
and a bunch more

last days of the trip.

midland skatepark was really awesome.. windy windy but place is sick

then it was off to abilene was like was cool to watch matty anal find all the lines and ride the place like trails.

photo site worthy pic right here     casper hip blast!

back in austin.. it was over 80 today. spent the day swimming and riding big wheel bikes around town.awesome

Monday, December 20, 2010

serious mish

well.... we found some pools.

spent a while in the dark clearing it out

but it was dialed in the next morning

then we headed to pecos to ride this park.. it felt more like a crazy ditch and it was windy windy windy 

then we went to odessa park. place was awesome.

then we drove to midland texas to ride the park

when we got to midland there was a guy sitting down right by the entrance. clint and i had our boards and were pumping around and he asked "hey you guys skate pools??" "i dont wanna not skate a pool" he invited us back to his house to skate his pool. i cant thank them enough for being so nice. they let us cook at their house and sleep in their house and ride their ridiculous pool. the hospitality was unbelievable. thanks again Tim and Family. we appreciate it.
(the pool wasnt too bad either)

matty aquizap skateboarding day one...carve over the light...

i think there was some confusion about my post about the vinyl photo site.. had some comments from people that i think took it the wrong way and didnt understand what i was getting at.. i understand that there is a difference between a good photo and a bad one. or someone that knows how to take pictures and someone that doesent.. im sure some people know what i was trying to say and if you dont. you dont

Sunday, December 19, 2010

adventure days

i had lost my card reader and got a new one today.. we have been doing some nice working out in alpine texas for the last few days. today was our last day so matt, clint, and I headed west to van horn where we hear there are some abandoned hotels with some pools. let the adventure officially begin.. heres a few pics from work the last few days

been wiring solar panels. this little dog ajax hangs out all day .

got a flat tire in the bus. now we are in van horn riding some abandoned hotel pools.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


saw this on the computer the other day and it kinda bummed me out.. the Vinyl photo site  

tom arkus is a cool dude but the vibe that the site put off was a bummer.. tom posted this online  "Trying a new concept for a photo blog, i wanted to build a community. It will feature photos from people that know what they are doing in bmx. Get in touch to contribute please if i know you i will most likely post ur pics!"

the fact that it said "i want to build a community" followed by "it will feature photos from people that know what they are doing in bmx" and "if i know you i will most likely post your pics"
    and the first post on the site was "This will only contain Photographs from some of the best people in the bmx industry."

i like vinyl  but its a bummer that that attitude exists. i admit i dont like everything that happens in this hobby. but it shouldnt be elite groups that are better than other groups.. 

have fun with it 

good news though.. clint made the cut of best people in the industry!!

had this picture in my email tonight... stoked!

adventures 1

the boss made it to the job in alpine texas. 8 hours no sweat.. working for a few days and then getting into some adventures over here.. a few pics from today

fan check,frisbee check, straw hat check, open road double check

Monday, December 13, 2010

on a mission...endless room

they are building a new skatepark in downtown austin.. went and checked it out with the randanator the other day and they got the bowl all layed out.. maybe pour some cement real soon.

went and shredded ramada ditch after the park too. pretty fun place to hang. crazy bum village down there. they are sleeping on king size mattress' with box springs and everything. plush livin!

taking off tomorrow morning on a mission to the western part of texas. matty aquizap, clint reynolds, and myself are taking the bus 7 hours west to do some working and then going to Big Bend National Park. ride some bikes and have an adventure. adventure is the spice of life!
posts soon