Friday, January 30, 2009

The Beach Rules, fishing sucks the days Dick!!

So we all woke up early yesterday so Robert could take us fishing. Tito caught a bunch of fish and robert caught the biggest fish and eric and i got skunked and caught nothin but weeds so that sucked. After fishing Eric Tito and i decided to go spend the day at the beach witch was awesome!! To celebrate all the fish Tito caught he instantly got wasted face drunk and we all played football and went swimming then laid out on the beach and worked on our massive tans!!! Once we had enough of the beach we came home ta shower and had the most amazing diner that DubbleDippie so kindly made for us!! Now today its rainin and Tito has his face buried in a book while eric plays Wii. I'm not sure what were doin today but by the way this trip has been i am more than sure it'll be a wild and fun day........ Oh i also threw in some pics off tanner the dog because he's awesome Toooo!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just pics!!!

So yet again eric just made a post but i got some good pics that id like ta share so im makin a post too.... i really dont feel like typin much cause im so tired from all the fun i had today so im just gonna leave you wit these pics hope you enjoy!!!!!

the feast
the lady of the trip fixin our pants!!

wher we slept!!!

dans first keg stand

sooooo i dont have any pictures of dan riding the trails...but i do have a picture of him doing his very first keg stand....i think right after this i got hit in the back with an explosive...i think dan is having fun

sunburns :(

went to the beach was over 80 and dan tito and myself got sunburns...tito grabbed a manatee and then we all ate our weight in crab legs...we are all relaxing in sunny west palm..its nice to get a break from riding and just sit back for a bit...we hung out with dubble dippies son all day and he is super sweet..he is taking us fishing tomorrow morning and i am going to catch a 15 pound bass. here are a few random pictures of casselberry trails and we will be back up there riding them this weeekend

Monday, January 26, 2009

Dear Chuck,



Dog vs goat
the back yard
Me wit the Sweeds
free beer night.. play pong wit a napkin!!!
free beer night!!!!!
Hokay so i no eric just made a post but i need ta drop another... So we only been here less than a week and i must say this is already the most amazing trip ever iv seen more nice people, crazy shit, mayhem, and fun than most will see in there life!!!!! From bars with free beer nights ta burning cars... from fireworks exploding off my shoulder and erics back ta bmxers t-boning dogs full speed befor jumps..... I havent been riding a whole lot cause the jump are pretty gnarly and i'm a giant pussy but it gave me a good chance ta see alot and spend alot of time behind my camera witch is good cause Eric and T-teo have been killin it!!!!! well i got so much more to say but were goin to ride a skatepart so ill leave you wit so pics!!!!!

florida is awesome!!!

its been soo hard to find the time to post anything up on the site..i figured we would be posting new shit on here like every night but we have been way to busy having fun.. we went south and rode ryan herbachs' trails and sarasota skatepark and rode skatepark of tampa one night and hung out with some massive we are up in casselberry riding trails all day everyday..maybe riding mesh skatepark tonight and then maybe heading south??? no idea..the trails are runing awesome and the weather has been like 80 is a bunch of random pictures of different stuff we have been riding...we have so many pictures to post i just dot have the time to load them all and pick out wich ones to use and things...florida is amazing...thank you to everyone who has let theyre home be ours whie we are in town. weather it be a front yard or couch or floor or is much appreciated

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


got to tallahassee last night and today we rode some bicycles.. we rode the park in town andit was really fun..then our new friend craig came and picked us up. and brought us to his trails..they were alot of fun and we made everything steep and he said we turned his trails into a roller coaster are a few pictures of the stuff we have been riding..we are gonna stay here and ride the trails again tomorrow morning and then head south for tampa..see ya soon!!!!