Tuesday, March 31, 2009


i have been waiting for the winter to get over so that i could start seeing some new posts on third arm shovel.. those guys work so hard up there and i have been waiting to see pics of the jumps for the new season.. kyle just posted what looks like the first 3 pictures of the season and i can not wait to see more of them.. this one below might give you a hint of what those guys are up to right now.. i cant believe they still have a bunch of snow up there too!!! check out the link above to see a few more pictures of the progress at dover!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

casselberry jam

go here... i want to :(

Saturday, March 28, 2009

the notebook

this was my night.. :-)

good things in life

we met a kid named craig when we were in florida.. he lives in tallahassee and let us come ride his trails while we were in town..they were fun. he ended up coming down to casselberry for the jam and hanging out..hes super nice and an all around good person to have around..
he sent me an email and it was pretty nice and i thought i would share it.. its kinda long and most people might not waste the time reading it but w/e

Eric, it was cool gettin to chill with you and your dudes while you were here. Itd be cool if we could stay in contact and id love it if you would update me on your trails or the scene up there. Im from Michigan and most of my family still lives there so Im always tryin to live vicariously through my friends up north, even if your in new england it still seems more familiar to me, Florida is just where im at right now and certainly doesnt feel like home. Anyways I appreciate your love of trails and that gets me stoked because trails are what keep me goin when things in life seem to suck. I dont get to ride as much as I should but keepin a legit spot down here runnin and dialed is a huge battle, especially with almost no crew, but its a great hobby for my spare time and somethin to look forward to at the end of a long week. I guess you made an impression on me man, gave me a little inspiration as I seem to have some shit in common with you, I raced motocross too for 9 years, had some bad injuries, parents couldnt really support it anymore and I pretty much had to give it up. I also had to quit snowboarding which was a huge loss too. BMX was always my thing to do between mx racing, and now since its more affordable its basically what im left with. I try to stay humble as I know theres alot of dudes out there that are pretty hardcore especially in the trails scene but its fun taking what i see and trying to push myself and my digging abilities. Not trying to get all sentimental on you here man but there arent too many people i feel i can identify with in life so I try to make as many lasting connections as i can. Anyways bro I had a blast with yall and hope to stay in touch, keep me updated on the rad shit you do!
peace, craig.

craigs site

this song is good

i went to florida for 2 months and rode almost every day and everything was perfect.. i got home on tuesday in the morning and me and dan decided to go ride the new park in town.. we were tired and lazy but we needed to do something to get our hearts pumping again..i ended up falling on something real stupid and twisting my ankle around and i felt it dislocate and then pop right back into place.. i thought i broke it at first and i was whinning and stuff but that night it got real swollen and black and blue and couldnt walk on it.. i took a few pictures of it.. sweet

Friday, March 27, 2009


well tonight gave me a little taste of what i like about home.. paul and myself went up to the farm and had a campfire and cook some dinner on it.. it was nice to smell a fire that wasnt made out of trash and jetski's.. i forgot how much i liked it.. we spent hrs up there talking about stuff and i really enjoyed it

Thursday, March 26, 2009

this was fun

i wanna go here again

Eric is home.

When eric wasn't on my phone with Saige he could be found here!!!!

Bike swing!!

So we made this bike swing that really sounded like it was gonna work way better than it did but sure was fun still!!!! Aaron and Zack are F'in WILD!!!! It was so funny that there was actually 4 grow men with tears in there eyes from laughing its just to bad eric didn't get ta be a part of it cause he was on my phone with his girlfriend the whole time!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

profile trip

this past august i was able to go on a profile new england trails trip with some friends...it was a good time and this is a video from that time...i like this :)


New England Trails Trip from Profile Racing on Vimeo.

Monday, March 23, 2009

its a bomber!!

chad from las vegas was in town the past couple of weeks and he was sweet..check out his site

he snapped a couple of pics of me and i just saw them on his site.. thanks dude im super siked on them!!!

Believe me when I say, I fucked a mermaid...

accordian ruckus??

Saturday, March 21, 2009

chuck is a pussy

chuck flies in tonight. hopefully he doesent get drunk and start crying  or punching dan

Friday, March 20, 2009

tree forts

this kid kyle painter that lives down here got drunk and fell out of this tree fort at 5 in the morning and all he got was a shitty black eye..wich isnt that weird because he looks like the type of guy that should have a black eye all the time anyway

Casselberry sucked chuck

Well Casselberry has sucked chuck in once again!! He flies in tomorrow just in time to come see me drink the last of the free beer so i hope he brings alot of cash cause he"ll be buyin alot of his beer. Its always a real good time with chuck so i'm pretty pumped for him to get here!!! in the mean time heres some photos that should show a good preview of what's to come when chuck gets here!!!! see ya soon buddy!!!!!


Thursday, March 19, 2009


2 days ago we got go live the life of luxury at the cestare residence. hung out in the pool with a waterfall in it from the hot tub and then watch some movies on the monster flat screen and then i got to shower in one of those real nice fancy showers. and i ate a while bunch of theyre food.. that was a good day..... heres a couple pics


orange kitty


danny boy

oh danny boy all danny boys are danny boys


Oh yeah i also took this super sweet photo i was pretty pumped on too!!!!!

Dan is Cool!!!

Today was a super sweet day at the trails!! Eric and i rode a lot today and eric being the worst picture taker ever i'll just post the pictures i took of him cause he's still trying ta learn how to use a camera.....

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


we sand some karaoke the other nihgt...fuck i love karaoke debra and i
deb and cottle


the news

hope everyone watched the trails on the news..i dont know how but somehoe chuck was on top of things way faster than anyone down here. he had the video posted on here way faster than anyone.. its funny to see dan talking and at the end of the video he sys "wheelie time" like cleveland in family guy.. its awesome

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Casselberry NEWS

I'm on top of things in Ct. This was on Fox news Orlando tonight.

Monday, March 16, 2009



Went for a short trip to Mass this weekend. Just to have fun on my little bike. RAW SEWAGE, I LOVE IT. ....rubadubdub

Sunday, March 15, 2009

friends are sweet


chucks vimeo

i just found chucks vimeo and saw the duct tape party finally with some sound and then came across the motocross day and fuck it...might as well throw up the casselberry vid again :)

fletchers duct tape party from CHUCK GOLDY on Vimeo.fletchers b day duct tape party

Untitled from CHUCK GOLDY on Vimeo. the motocross video

FUN at Casselberry trails from CHUCK GOLDY on Vimeo.casselberry fun times

Saturday, March 14, 2009

casselberry no pics

i hate doing posts on here without having pictures because i dont realy expect people to take the time to read a bunch of rambling about the trips we go on and stuff. i just want them to be able to look at some pictures and get theyre own ideas about it..
  we are still in casselberry florida and the weather is getting too hot.. the a/c broke in the house for a few days and i thought a few people in the house werent going to be able to handle it. i guess tito has been back home working on the jumps and that gets me psyched to head home.. im enjoying our time here but i guess things have to come to an end eventually, things like vacations and spending time with new people,  the weather back home has been decent.. chuck is flying down here this coming saturday and we are leaving the following tuesday to head home and back to reality..thanks to everyone thats been with us for this trip..its been amazing. all the people we stayed with along the way, everyone here in casselberry, paul back home for sticking with me through my stupid escapes from the real life, goldy locks for being fun the majority of the time, dan for coming with me and enjoying this experience with me, THE ZEBRA, and my whole family for not thinking im an idiot for not having a steady job and spending all my time riding little kid bikes in the woods with my friends


Friday, March 13, 2009

Gnar Gnar Fun Fun

So yesterday we were havin way to much fun to even think of pullin the camera out! But after a long day of ridin the most wild place iv ever seen we stopped at some super scary creepy old house were i took a few sweet photos.....