Monday, January 31, 2011


saw this picture on the LIFE? site.. WOW

puerto rico

Whiskey & co. on steady flow on my computer lately.. and i dont have any problems with that. couple days left in Austin and then its off to Puerto Rico for a month to do some surfing.

i got an email from carlos this afternoon that just said "soon brother, soon you will be in paradise"

heres one picture from last time we were over there...stoked to be back at this place.. paradise describes it well.

but the city has been awesome here lately.. amazing weather and the trails have been perfect. thank you to all the dudes out there busting their butts digging to have an amazing place to ride.
this is the hip at the bottom. formerly known as the widow maker and now taking on the name of "satans throne".. jump is so much fun. this is a pic i snapped of tom dugan getting some juice on it. picture kinda does the jump no justice.

pedal around town always feels so good

thank you austin for being so comfortable

Saturday, January 29, 2011

bus modification and fun modification

big thanks to the reynoldo for helping me fix the exhaust in the bus.. getting her dialed in for a little road trip in a month.. 6 days until we are sitting on the beach in sunny puerto rico..

it was 75 here today... no shirt. no problem


the ultimate dude darryl Nau is in town.. this guy made "seek and destroy" that video had more of an influence on me than  anythying else in bmx ever did. guy is amazing

just built up this new fbm gypsy frame. always stoked

a few people said the invert wasnt old enough to bring it back.. so im working on bringing back the can can look back.. if the 80's isnt flashback enough.. im just giving up.. go get sick 


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Trick of the year

get inverted.. its been a decade since it was considered cool.. its back and the peg chink is next.. clint reynolds with todays installment of trick of the year.bend those knees and flip those wrists. boom!

flippy wrist?

Jackson Allen and sasquatch canyon

I never look at the stock bmx websites that usually just post stuff they get from other sites. i always enjoy looking at peoples websites that are them talking about things that THEY are doing and going out and making things happen. A good example of that is the SASQUATCH CANYON.. a group of motivated guys going out and having adventures and fun and dont have time to worry about anything else.

well FBM just started hooking up jackson allen from the sasquatch crew, although i have never met jackson, his attitude towards bmx and adventure is enough for me to know hes an awesome dude and a perfect addition to FBM.
 BMX is about a certain attitude.. everything else doesent matter. you might figure it out someday or you might not.. or you already know what im saying.. Its safe to say Jackson knows whats up..

check out this vid and check out his site.. its posted in this post and in the links page for anytime you ever want to check it out

Jackson Allen- welcome to FBM from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

T-1 session

had a sick session at T-1. did a few oldies i havent done in a while.. skating our brains out. credence skateboard team in full swing

Reynolds with a high corner carve

Matty Anal stoked on the boards.

Me with a little flashback, circa 2003. Fuck it. im gonna go ahead and say the invert is coming back in 2011. trick is so fun.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

joeseph rich and his "decent" backyard ramp

When i first got to austin, all i wanted to do was ride the T-1 ramp. we would go a bunch of times during the week....every week. Then Joe said "ramp will be closed for a little while for repairs". I couldnt figure out what was up. the ramp was perfect! so much fun to ride. so joe busted his ass on the ramp for a few weeks day in and day out, with help from people here and there during their spare time. Well, its finally finished and we were able to enjoy the fruits of joes labor today in the nice sunshine. 

this was the only picture i got of joe riding the ramp...sick

it started raining right after we got it all finished and rode it for an hour.. but here is a picture of the ramp after all the hard work joe did on it..!

it looks the same you say??? how bout a closer look?

some times it takes a long time to get the perfect fit.. but here it is!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

random updates

On monday nights there is a bar downtown that has a ping pong tournament and the winner gets a 25 dollar bar tab. im not a drinker but my friends are so we gave it a shot. There is this BMX dude from Czech named Paul that is a sick pong player.. he doesent even try and wins every week. he taught nutter how to say "ping pong equals free beer" in his language.

heres clint and nutter having to play each other at the tournament this past week..nutter crushed him!

Stew is out of town on a FIT trip for a few days so we decided to put the pong table in the house for a few nights to spruce up our pong skills.. nutter and clint dont need it too bad but im a low grade pong player

2x6 net?? why not!

I enjoy making a good meal. been dialing in a few a week lately and this is one from last week. Glazed sweet potato fries, asparagus, and the best Salmon i have ever sank my teeth into.

Went out the other night and ended up at this persons apartment. i guess she just has a rich dad that pays for all of this bull shit but you should have seen that place.I was there long enough to walk in walk out on the the balcony and walk out.. not a bad view

And this little bugger is Scrappy. put up your dukes and fight 


not funny but it makes me laugh everytime.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Tommy T

ape extravaganza. tom terrill knows how to have fun.. picture got me so siked!


Thursday, January 20, 2011

nice weather

Before i moved down here to Austin, I had never lived in a city before. The last 4 years i had been living in a small town in connecticut, hanging out in the woods on the farm. and riding my roadbike on back roads. I never thought i would be the type of person to enjoy living in a city.
   Austin is a little bit different than i expected. i knew the basics. Almost too many BMX riders (Which makes for the scene to be clicky and segregated) and an over whelming amount of beautiful women. but things i have learned since i have been here is there is mexican food that will make your taste buds sings sweet sweet melodies, and great weather . 
   One of my favorite things to do since i have been in the city is riding my bicycle through town on a beautiful day. just cruising with my arms stretched out like i was that hot chick in titanic that ends up banging leo dicaprio in a car. It feels awesome just pedaling around town, eating awesome food and seeing different friends all over the place.
 so this is a tribute to the sunny day cruise through town. if you know what im talking about, dont take it for granted, enjoy it. and if you arent sure what im talking about, give it a try sometime.

come to think of it... riding anything no handed rules..maybe thats why skating rules so much. even that scene in the notebook where the guys holding up the babe and shes got her hands out stretched. that even looks kinda fun "if im a bird your a bird"

2 chick flick references in one post? fuck it why not! 2 good movies

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

cody nutter

Cody Nutter.. who has no relation to the legendary dracut M.O.D. bmx'er, james p nutter.. but a strong relation with fellow womb sharer kyle nutter.

one time i saw cody throw a cup across a room because it was left in the sink unwashed and i also saw him drive like a total wild man ... and another time i saw him shoot some amazing photos of thomas dugan the first and post a few of them on his website.. check it out WWW.CODYNUTTER.COM

the new and improved circuit bmx

if your living in the northeast and need anything for your bmx bike.. Circuit Bmx is the cats flaps when it comes to bike shops.. but if you dont wanna go there you could always just shop on the circuit mailorder and have it shipped to your house.. either way, the new shop looks amazing and it would be nicer to go see it in person than to see it on your computer.. go there and check it out

33 exchange street
pawtucket, Rhode Island

Monday, January 17, 2011

sparkler bomb how to

this is step by step directions on how to blow your face off.

when the weather is shit, people start to get antsy and find alternate means of entertainment.. bombs made out of sparklers and tape are easy to make and entertaining to watch explode.

you need the correct sparklers to make it work. the right sparklers are the ones with the bamboo stick not the wire, and the ones that burn different colors not just the plain jane old school sparkler set up. these babies work awesome

next you need the correct tape.. this is extra important because any tape that has any kind of give. will make the bomb totally shitty.. the tape i found works best is the packaging tape that has the string in it. its impossible to tear so you need to cut it with scissors

i have seen sparkler bombs made out of 6 sparklers that sounded like an army tank was outside of your house and just shot a missle through your front door.. but a good amount to use is anywhere in the 20's.. tape them really tight with one sticking out of the center. make sure the top is taped up but not wrapped tight around the wick sparkler. might take a few tries to get the right amount of tape where its not too much or too little. but basically the finished product will look like this.

one time i made a sparkler bomb this same size and stuck it in an old refrigerator at my friend dans house and it blew the door off and blew the refrigerator into a circle.. heres a video of one of these babies in action.. 

go loose your head 

Sunday, January 16, 2011


i wanted to thank all the people that have been sending me emails telling me they enjoy looking at the site. although it makes me feel like i have more of a responsibility to update the site, because now i know that some people acctually look at it and enjoy the things i post, it also makes me happy to know that people take some time out of their day to see whats going on with my friends and i wherever we might be.

 I know that there are some websites that i always enjoy checking out, to read new stories about travel,adventures,books,music, and a few other things im interested in. So im honored to be that website for other people and hope that someday i can read their story about something they do that they have always wanted to do..

i know i have said this before and sometimes i repeat myself but i get emails from people telling me that they want to do certain things but never end up doing them. i read this Henry David Thoreau quote tonight and thought about that

"Do not worry if you have built your castles in the air. They are where they should be. Now put the foundations under them."

anyway... blah blah blah.. thanks for looking at the site.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


the rain has been crazy. the back yard looks like a lake right now and you have to take the fun while its there for the taking.. because if you slouch you might be stuck indoors for the entire next day as it dumps outside.. it didnt rain the first few months i was here so i guess i should have expected it.. went bowling last night.. crazy battle in the final game between dang dang, will, and ben k.. tommy took the finishing win with a strike.. captured on film

mexican drink... horchata which is watered down rice milk and cinnamon.. not the best drink i dont think

we had a cold but not rainy day the other day and we took a trip up north to ride the cedar park skatepark.. we all ended up skating pretty much the whole time but that park is amazing for skating.

take it while you can get it!

Friday, January 14, 2011

austin love

 austin is amazing. beautiful city. usually good weather (but it has been not the greatest lately). went for a long bike ride today/tonight and it was raining and it didnt even matter.. had a blast and its so hard for me to not stop and take a picture of the city everytime i cross the bridge.. so here is , yet again, another picture of the city from the bridge...

also austin has this marvelous bottles of heaven. pepsi is good but i dont drink a ton of soda much anymore. but when i do. its one of these bad boys. "the mexican pepsi" they have all different sodas from mexico that use different sugars and ingredients that make them taste so good. and they are in a glass bottle which always makes sodas taste better.  just one of the many reasons to come experience the beautiful city of austin



Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cat Stevens

one of my favorite musicians. he changed his name to yusuf islam and got deported out of america a while back but his music is phenomenal.

heres a few of my favorites.for easy listening pleasure. you might not like it, or you might find someone new to listen to.. or you might have forgot how amazing he was and now you will be reminded

enjoy...or dont

make love


dancing rules..everyone should dance

"Riches do not exhilarate us so much with their possession as they torment us with their loss." - epicurus - 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


i dont know why, but washing my clothes always seems like such a hassle. i usually have to do laundry because i run out of socks, and every time, i debate just going to the store and buying new ones instead.
  today i hit the wall. out of socks and underwear...i decided i would just wash them in a bucket full of soap in the back yard.. no big deal... except for the fact that for some reason the weather in texas decided to get cold in the last day and it is 30°outside. when i finally get the motivation to go back outside and give them a final spray down, i dont think they will ever dry. it was 17 degrees last night here.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

girls beds

first i suppose i should talk about the typical guys bed. (atleast mine and some friends that i have).. un-made, sheets that are kicked in a pile towards the foot of the bed that are going on a year of not washing them (and the only reason they ever got washed in the first place was because your ex- girlfriend couldnt handle the sandy feeling on her skin) , a crappy mattress laying on the floor. and pillows with mix matched pillow cases that you have to fold in half twice to make them 6 inches thick.

its no big secret.. a girls bed is the best thing in the world to lay in. They are usually made up nice before you jump in them and  have an overstock of the best pillows i have ever touched my face to, the softest sheets you can slide under and the fluffiest down blankets money can buy.

   its going to be 18 degrees out tonight and the bus is usually a few degrees colder inside of it. i havent slept in a girls bed in about 6 months  and everytime i go to get in my bed i cant help but think about those plush cloud-like beds girls take care of so well.. so this is a tribute to those amazing beds. you will always have a huge place in my heart <3

Monday, January 10, 2011


hung out with a girl last night..  havent done that since connecticut.. im pretty UN-smooth with ladies.

   at one point i said "can you stop talking" and she asked why and i said "because your being annoying" and she said "yea i think im going to leave now" and left.. i think i was just joking because i dont remember her being annoying.. but seriously who the heck says that to a babe.

but i did read this quote today

"I have never wished to cater to the crowd; for what I know they do not approve, and what they approve I do not know." - epicurus -

im stoked on this picture.. some seriously weird shit has gone down within the rooms of this hotel.. i can only imagine. rattyest hotel i have ever slept in.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Transition Mission

a few weeks back, clint, matty anal, and myself went on a trip out west to have an adventure.. i wrote an article about the trip with some pictures and a video  on THE LEAST MOST site.. check it out and go have a little adventure of your own!