Monday, January 3, 2011


on the inside wall of the bus a while back i wrote "whoever knows contentment will be at peace forever". i look at it everyday.. i got kicked out of my house  in august.. i was paying 300 bucks a month for rent and i have been out of there this is the 6th month now.. thats 1800 dollars i have saved not paying for rent. im truly content living in a bus. i guess i should probably thank those guys for making me leave because i always smile everytime the 1st of the month rolls around..  thanks guys

this is a few random pics i found in my computer from whenever

pic one..dangalang footjam in the back yard

nice view from the bus

heavy ping pong sessions

and this is round rock skatepark.. corrigan brought me up here the other day.. look at this bowl!!

over 1000 views today..thanks for all the support.. 

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