Wednesday, July 29, 2009

horsing around

today i finally road a horse for the first time... debbie took me to a place in florida to ride a horse before i went home.. me and my horse are best friends and her name is sparkles.. sparkles was the best and we ran pretty fast.. i love sparkles

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


i got back into florida this week and its hot here.. the trip is coming officially to a screeching hault and im just trying to figure out how i can extend this trip into the rest of my life... life would be really great if everyone was just on one giant trip... maybe if america didnt lower the value of the dollar every second the clock ticks it would make it a little easier to enjoy the fruits of the world instead of spending your whole life working to survive..anyway... heres some pics of friends in florida having fun the other night at some bar joey j's girlfriend works at. we had a pool tournament and ryan won..

Monday, July 27, 2009

dog post!!!!!!!

yessss i love dogs!!! i got to hang out with some of the best dogs ever on my trip..there was 9 dogs on my trip and they all kicked major butt!!!here is pictures of them in order of appearence..

dog 1- "wiggum".. wiggum is an amazing pugg with a great personality..he loves stuff and is born to chill.. i met wiggum on my way to florida when i stopped in richmond virginia to ride bikes with millenium crandall.. wiggum rules

dog 2-"laylah".. laylah is debbies dog.. she is a great cuddler and she just learned how to "lay down"..layla is deffinitly in my top 5 favorite dogs list

dog 3-"jackie".. jackie is a miniature greyhound that is half retarted.. it can only turn right like zoolander and it spins in cirles while it runs.. man is she funny lookin though.. i like her.. she is debbies cousins dog and she currently resides in myrtle beach south carolina.. we stopped there on the way up to pennsylvania for the fbm gypsy caravan

dog 4- "cubby".. cubby is awesome.. she belongs to vic and cara and she likes eating flowers..i did an interview with cubby a year ago and you can check it out here .Cubby is a fun loving long haired weiner dog and she is being modeled here by a fun loving long haired human named "space wolf" aka"landon"

dog 5- "debbie".. debbie was one of the best chihuahua's i have ever met.. she didnt bark and she had on a collar that had a diamond "D" on it.. she was beautiful and she belonged to chunk and his girlfriend.. me and matty chased her around for like 20 mins until she gave up and let us hold her.. debbie was great.. i miss her

dog 6- "mud".. mud is matty aquizaps girlfriend susans dog.. mud has a nice family. susan and her dad are so friendly.. mud is a lucky dog.. mud doesent like other dogs but mud loves humans

dog 7- "tesh".. tesh was awesome.. i didnt get to hang out with him alot but i pet him a bunch when i did.. his owner had a sweet mini ramp in his backyard that i got to skate on.. tesh is luck to have that ramp in his yard.. he should skateboard.. tesh was named after the tv star "john tesh"

dogs 8&9-"paris and diesel".. paris(the lighter of the two) was the second coolest chihuahua i have ever met.. she was sooo friendly and loved to cuddle.. shes slept with me all night and i was so siked when i woke up and she hadnt left my side.. her brother diesel was a little more skiddish around people.. he didnt bark but he kept his distance until he got used to you.. once he warmed up to you though .. he was a really nice dog and i liked him alot too.

for a while the cool thing in bmx was cats....around here dogs are number one..

the email

i got an email from my friend (who is female) and all it said was...
"Hope you're having fun come home single asap so we can sex it"
... it was funny

im going to post the post tonight of all the sweet dogs i saw on my trip... its gonna be awesome

Sunday, July 26, 2009


i just saw this shirt on the worship skateboards site.. i am really into it and will be picking myself up one of them as soon as i return home..
also check back later for pictures of all the dogs i got to hang out with on my trip..especially wiggum


i think that rapper named "FLO-RIDA" is from tallahassee... i didnt see him when i was there though... instead i got to see craig !!!! and i got to ride some bikes with him at his new spot..the place is still new but its gonna be alot of fun for sure.. the runway to the first jump is one of the best i have ever rode.. just the run to the jumps makes it worth it.. plus the dubbs were really fun too.. we didnt get a bunch of pictures because we were riding but i cant wait to go back there this winter.. thank you CRAIG

where we slept in tallahasse was awesome because she had 2 dogs and everyone knows how much i like dogs.. they reminded me of chunks dog debbie..theyre names were paris and diesel. they were chihuahua's and they were really nice and one of them cuddled with me all night and i was happy

after tally we drove back to orlando... it sucks knowing the trip is coming to an end

Friday, July 24, 2009

grock bromez

leaving baton rouge in a few minutes and heading to check out new orleans.. and then maybe florida by night fall?!?!?!that would be crazy

brocks has been fun we played a ton of nintendo wii last night .. like 7 hrs straight..

earlier in the day we went to a local skaters ramp and shredded.. it was hot but it was fun to skateboard.. the ramp was good.. the guy had a sweet dog named tesh.. im a huge fan of dogs

and this i a picture of matty and susans dog mud.. he was an awesome pooch and i enjoyed his company

Thursday, July 23, 2009

east of texas louisiana

so we made it to baton rouge today in great time.. yet another awesome stop.. we met up with brock and went and i got a dialed 6 cheese grilled cheese.. i figured i would take some time to post a couple of random pictures of stuff that i didnt have time for before

heres a picture of me giving a thumbs up for the carlsbad caverns.. they were awesome

this is a picture of the view from the top of yosemite falls :)

this is driving in utah going to zion national park

circuit bmx in the grand canyon!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

goodye austin

and hello baton rouge!!

we are leaving austin in a few hrs, wich is kind of a bummer. matty and susan were extremely hospitable and it makes it a bummer to leave.. we have been having too much fun. yesterday i met up with chuck and got some lunch and then we headed over to the hawk mans house and tony and i just sat around playing video games for hours.. then matty and me and brandon and colt went to this pump traCK just outside of austin that was really fun.. i didnt get any pictures of the place because i thought i forgot my camera at the house but it was in the car the whole time.. bummer..heres a picture of debbie the dog giving me a nice kiss.. and a picture of mr nice guy matty anal talking on his cellular device.. matty loves myspace

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

texas livin

ok so texas....we went to carlsbad caverns just outside of is this crazy deep cave with some amazing things to see.. unfortunately it was impossible to get a good picture with my point and shoot but it was awesome.. at one point we were like 800 ft under the ground in a crazy cave.. awesome

after carlsbad we headed into texas to go to austin.. we got into texas and debbie asked if we should get gas before we got on the highway and i told her no we have enough gas to go for a bit.... then we ran out of gas.. in the middle of no where.. in texas.. and it was over 100 degrees out.. debbie got out in the road and hitchhiked, the first truck that drove by stopped for us.. it was a huge 18 wheeler with a guy with no teeth and his wife in it. they drove us into town and dropped us off at the gas station.. the people in the town were so nice. they gave us a gas can to use and gave us a ride back to the car. we were back on the road after a 2 hr set back... the rest of the drive was awesome.. we made great time and got to austin and met up with matty aquizap and his g/f susan.. it was awesome. we went to a crazy swimming spring with a diving board and we got loose and did a bunch of awesome dives

we left there and got some amazing pizza.
the next day matty got out of work early and we cruised downtown to ride the terrible one ramp but joe was out of town so we couldnt ride.. we sat outside for a little bit

then we pedaled over to the ninth street trails.. they are a staple in bmx so i had to atleast check them out.. they looked sweet but were a bit too dry to ride so we cruised back to the spring and did some dives again

after diving we came back to the house and got debbie because susan had to go to work.. so we picked her up and went and played some frisbee... and did some more dives at the springs..
we went to check out east side trails. they were awesome but way too dry to ride. there was soo much more there than i have ever seen in the videos.. it was really awesome to see.. we left the jumps and headed to chunks house.. chuck has the sweetest dog ever.. and its name is debbie

debbie rules!!!

then we left there and made a crazy dinner lastnight.. some amazing salmon and a good stirfry and asparagus and it was really good.. im enjoying austin

Monday, July 20, 2009


in austin...we went to east side today but it was too dry to ride there... this is half of the stuff there... crazy

Saturday, July 18, 2009

crazy day

soo after we left the awesome continental breakfast we headed to the hoover dam to check it out in the day time.. it was huge

after we left the hoover dam we headed north east to zion national park in utah.. i didnt really have too much expectation for that place.. i didnt hear too much about it but it was on the way to bryce canyon so we hit it up on the way.. IT WAS GORGEOUS

unfortunately i dont have a bunch of time to go through my pictures and post a bunch so i have to just post a quick pic from each spot..
after zion nat'l park we headed north to bryce canyon.. its quite the site for sure and one of the prettiest places ive seen on this trip

after bryce canyon we headed south to the grand canyon.. we got there late at night and slept in the parking lot and woke up at sunrise to watch the sunrise over the canyon.. seeing it for the first time is really wild but it was even better seeing it for the first time while the sun rose up.

after the grand canyon we drove to carlsbad caverns in southern new mexico rifght on the texas line.. and that is we we stay now.. we are at a hotel right in carelsbad using theyre computers and sleeping in theyre parking lot and we are going to wake up in the morning and check out the carlsbad caverns and head to austin in the afternoon.. homeward bound for sure.. should be back in florida in less than a week...its crazy

Friday, July 17, 2009


got to vegas yesterday.. the vegas strip was wild..bright lights and broke people.. we checked out the hoover dam last night and we are going to go check it out this morning and then head to hang out with chad from vegas maybe and then go see steel panther again?? maybe

continental breakfast is the way to go for sure.. stop at a random hotel...sleep in the car in the parking lot and wake up early and eat so much good stuff.. they always have bagels and juice and raisen bran.. but sometimes they have the waffle maker.. any experienced continental breakfast eater will know what im talking about.. its always the same.. the little dispenser that puts just the right amount of batter in a cup and then the machine you pour it in and it rotates for you and then the time runs out and PRESTO you have a dialed waffle...this morning was a waffle morning

not to mention most of these hotels have computers i can use in the lobby... i love road trips... i dont wanna go home, theres too much to see out there