Tuesday, March 30, 2010

puerto rican rain forest

the rain forest was gorgeous.. mountain style,clear gorgeous water,nice hiking,and good times with friends. heres a few pictures of an amazing day. photo overlooooooaaaaaaddddd

one more random photo update of puerto rico and thats it..youll have to wait to see the video

just remembered this...chuck throwing a soccer ball at me

Monday, March 29, 2010

puerto rico is que pasa

things have been hectic lately so i havent been able to post more pictures from puerto rico..i saw my friend garret run full speed into a sliding glass door yesterday because he thought it was open. karaoke has been going wild the last few days..life is good..really good

garret and i watching a wildman in an excavator demolish a building

this is carlos, the man who made our stay in puerto rico amazing..thanks dude

here is a picture of will,garret,and i hanging out at a random face on the side of the road...the internet is so terrible where we are staying that its impossible to upload a bunch of pictures because it takes forever..

tomorrow im going to post a bunch of pics from the rain forest..that place is awesome!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

fbm south of the boredom

this is a little video i made from early on this winter..crandall had asked me to hold off on posting it until the rest of the videos came out..but it never ended up getting posted so here it is right here..have fun everyday..more puerto rico stuff later tonight

winter 2010 part 1 from erichennessey on Vimeo.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

puerto rico brother

one day we took a nice drive in carlos' bad ass truck

we went to the western coast to a town called aguadilla where they have a weird concrete park that was totally awesome.. i had a little troubles not airing out to flat, but garret didnt seem to have a problem sending some juice into the sky..willbur was feeling sick and throwing up so he didnt even get a chance to ride..bummer

after we left that park we went to another park that was brand new in a town called quebradilla. it was the craziest park i have ever been to..the view alone made the park..it overlooked the ocean and there was a bunch of whales jumping outta the water..i didnt take any riding pictures because we were too busy riding our bikes..we all filmed a bunch there so it will be in the video when it comes out..heres a picture of the park atleast

carlos lived right on the beach so we hit the waves pretty much twice a day..latina women are absolutely gorgeous..carlos says that they all speak english but i didnt believe him so i never even talked to one of them..damn

carlos had a black pitbull named dixie that was more pregnant than octomom....literally she was more pregnant..i know this because the third day we were there,she decided to pop out 10 freakin puppies!!!!! im sure you can guess how siked i was!!!!

more puerto rico tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

puerto rico waves and babes

spent the last week in puerto rico. riding bikes,riding waves,getting blown away by the beautiful scenery/women. i didnt take nearly enough pictures because i filmed alot for an upcoming video for fbm..but here is some of the pictures i took

this was the first place we went when we go to san juan..its a home made bowl in the middle of the ghetto in La Perla..pictures do this spot no justice.one of the most unique places i have ever rode. theres a panoramic of the view below..there is some old spanish forts on one side and a poor ghetto on the other..amazing

a block away from the house we were staying in, there was a surf shop names "tres palmas" they had some cement trannys in the parking lot that were painted like waves and so much fun to ride

the internet here is slow as dirt right now for some reason so its taking me so long to import pictures so i guess im going to try and do some more tomorrow..lots of pics to come..i love PR

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Someone has to update this shit.

Henny gave me a call from Puerto Rico. Doesn't sound like it's that good down there. I guess there's women everywhere and home made skateparks on the beaches. Eric has a ton of pics to upload just as soon as he can will himself away from the endless great times he is having to find a computer. I guess another week or so and little Hennessey will be back in the continental US of A riding wild birds and wilder custom FBM bikes. See you soon little buddy.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

orstrich fest finished

today was officially the last day of my work at the ostrich festival..tomorrow morning i leave to head back to the east coast..this past week has been crazy though.i stared at these ugly critters for a week

i got to ride an ostrich..and i won 2 races on it..i have it on video so it should be pretty amazing when i can upload it onto a computer..

tomorrow morning i fly outta arizona and head back east to the sunshine state..its going to be a hectic next couple of weeks thats for sure.. but im excited about it..im trying to stay south of the border for as long as possible..

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

south of the boredom

i cant get over how awesome this video is.. it hits the sweet spot for me,thats for sure..its got good riding without over doing it..it just shows good times on bikes and its pretty much exactly how i would want a video to be..

i went on a trip a month ago from new england to florida with a bunch of friends and this is part 2 of the 3 or 4 videos that are coming out..watch this one..get siked and then go to leastmost
and watch part one and be on the look out for the next one wich i think is gonna come out next monday?? i dunno but this trip was so fun and im happy to have been a part of it.

South of the Boredom Tour from Least Most on Vimeo.

Monday, March 8, 2010

ostrich fest day 1

today we had to set up stuff for the ostrich festival..

got my first sight of some bad ass ostriches!!

and i saw this sign from a homeless guy.

plan on seeing a bunch of ostrich pictures for the next week..

smut for smut

i was watching the news tonight in my hotel room and they were talking about this campaign at a college in san antonio texas where students set up a table where people could trade bibles for pornos. they called it "smut for smut" and it seems pretty interesting.
im not a religious person myself. i understand the reason why people created religions. i think it helps alot of people in their lives . but i think its awesome that there is 2 different views on it and neither one is more correct than the other.. different people just have different opinions..i love stuff like this
news article

video from fox news

Sunday, March 7, 2010


myself,will,and our one armed compadre terry packed into this piece of shit and drove from memphis tennessee to phoenix arizona to go to "the ostrich fest"'.

turns out that the ostrich is acctually the state bird for the state of arizona..lol. and they have a huge festival every year to celebrate the ostrich.this year i got a job at the festival dressing up in an ostrich costume walking around on stilts..should be crazy
we stoped in new mexico to ride this skatepark that was pretty much one of the best i have rode.. click on the panoramic below to get a good look at the park
will took a pic of me riding and i took one of him too.. didnt really have time to take any more pics because we were having a blast instead

the scenery is beautiful..pictures dont do it any justice..well mine dont anyway.

hotel tonight....ostriches tomorrow!!!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

phoenix bound

im heading out to phoenix arizona tomorrow..should be stoping at some awesome spots along the way..i will be out there for a week and then i head to puerto rico for a week..ill try and update this along the way with pics of  random stuff.. dan sent me his video camera soo im gonna be filming some video also..computers going to die ..heres some pics

Monday, March 1, 2010


i made this video this morning...i just got around to seeing if it uploaded and it already had like 200 views..i dont know how that happened and im sure people might have got disapointed when they realized it was some scrappy video i made with my digital camera..anyway..it has dogs and pizza and ducks and those are 3 things i enjoy looking at soo check her out..the first clip is some ducks in this hotel in memphis that they have trained to take the elevator from the lobby fountain to the roof where they have a "duck mansion"...pretty unreal