Tuesday, April 28, 2009


i was going to post some pics that would give everyone some sort of idea about what this link is.... but you have to just click it and see for yourself... slicer is amazing click here

Saturday, April 25, 2009

jesus loves you

yesterday was the nicest day of the year up here... buuuut i think its gonna be nicer today.. i spent the entire day at the skatepark riding bikes with all the local children... i felt like i was 13 again hanging out at slater street..i took a few pictures of the park to try and get a feel for what it looks like.. and i had jordan take a picture of me doing a nose pick on some fat annoying chicks mountain bike.i also posted a picture of me and karens sweet dog iggy pop and a picture of this years u.s. olympic volley ball team..i guess vics trails are taking shape real nice soo hopefully im gonna try and spend sunday out there grillin and chillin.. maybe take a few pictures of his spot so mike cottle can see them..that would be cool.. bye

Monday, April 20, 2009


everyone has pretty much seen this but its awesome and i figured i might as well throw it on here too... fuck i wish i was there

hell yea

the weather has been getting nice up here...so we havent been doing anything.. i dont know if i ever posted any of these pictures but if not here is 4 pics that chip riggs took of me while i was in florida... he takes awesome pictures and it just makes me wanna go back down to florida..

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dan in Ct.

Dan has been visiting the ol CTBMX shop twice a day ridin Harlys for his work. Seems he gets paid to put a hundred miles on new harlys so they can rent em. So twice a day we go get a slice of Pizzaz and hang for a few. Sweeeeet

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


its been such a struggle to post anything on this thing lately... with having my foot get hurt and i had to start working to save some loot for the cross country shin dig..i havent done shit with myself in weeks so i havent had shit to say in weeks..we went to the final jam at the warehouse the other night.. that was depressing. but it was awesome to see vic and burger..thats the first time ive seen vic since ive been home...nothing god going on up here just trying to pass the time til the days get good..fortunately easter is the celebration of the days starting to get longer soooo thats sweet..here is a picture i stole off of buck chilly its a picture of me doing a sweet flying sidekick...flying sidekicks rule!

also i saw this on welcome to pittsburgh its a trailer for the newest welcome to pittsburgh video.its going to be amazing.. i saw a good chunk of it and like the last w2p vids its not going to disapoint.....zooooooom

Welcome To Pittsburgh 4 Trailer from Bobby Valentine on Vimeo.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Who wants Sugar?? nobody? OK, no sugar



The Rampfarm is holding one last Jam this Saturday. It was an amazing place to ride and to just hang out with friends for the past few years, Thanks to all those guys who kept it goin!!! Get there Saturday at 6pm till ?? and take it all in one last time. Here's a fun vid i made of one trip there last year with Eric and Dan.

Chuck, CTBMX.com

Eric got a real job again and has been out of town, Dan has been M.I.A since he got back from Florida until today, his new job is to take $30.000 brand new Harlys and ride them until they have 100 miles on em so they can rent em to customers. He stopped by the shop for lunch twice today on two different bikes, ...and I thought I had a cool job...


I had the pleasure of seeing Steel Panther live when I was out west, they sell out every Monday night in Hollywood and it's well worth takin a trip just to witness this Metal madness.. Super fun show!!

from Chuck, CTBMX.COM

profile interview

i was thinking about some random stuff to post to pass the time and i remembered a while back my friend matt did an interview with me and put it up on the profile website.. i just figured what the heck and il repost it for anyone who didnt get a chance to see it the interview


times are tough up here in rainy connecticut.. lots of working going on and stress to the gills.. its strange... this past weekend was awesome though.. white lightning rocked hard as fuck and fun was had by many.. unfortunaltely i dont have a ton to say or post about because im going on a road trip at the beginning of next month and i have been forced to put my head down, bite the bullet, and work an honest job to save up enough funds to finally take a dream trip to see the beautiful sites that this country has to offer.. i figure, before you see the world, you might as well see whats in your back yard first..i cant wait.. im working far from home so i have been staying at my friend billys house because its closer... so heres a couple of random pictures that were on his computer

Friday, April 3, 2009

white lightning

tonight white lightning is playing a show for ann maries birthday..im so excited about it because we havent played a show since the duct tape party and we are long over due.. chuck and i have been practicing a shit load to be ready for tonight sooo its going to be siiiick... we have t shirts made up that are pretty hilarious and we are gonna sell them there.. if anyone wants one they should email me... erichennessey@yahoo.com

enjoy the show


here is a picture of the front of the t shirt...lol

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

ankle time out

unfortunately since i hurt my ankle i havent had a chance to do anything..just a whole lot of beating chuck in video games... and yea he beats me too but it gets under his skin if i talk shit about beating him even when he beats me... soooo yea ive been beating him alot..fortunately shawn and kyle came down today and were able to witness it first hand