Sunday, February 27, 2011

airports airports airports

it seems like every winter brings the same thing for me.. spending lots of time in airports with layovers and flights all over the place. and everytime im bored and bouncing back and forth between reading a book and on my computer. this time is no different. sitting in an airport for the 12th time this year, this time with a 4 hr layover.(the downsides of cheap flights) atleast airports are always jam packed with beautiful women to try not to stare at.

the pink floyd album "dark side of the moon" is soooo gooood
when my dad was in high school his quote in his senior yearbook was "grab that cash with both hands and make a stash" which is from the song "money" on that album.. guys got good taste in tunes.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the grand finale.

Keep your eyes peeled for the credence skate team. My last day in puerto rico was such a treat.. unfortunately brian and ryan flew out this morning so they werent around but the night before they left we had a killer final pasta party much like the ones we had most of the nights

. woke up early and went to surf some waves..the waves werent the best but i snapped a picture of carlos.

clint and jamie headed out for a camping getaway for a few days. carlos and i skated the surf shop one last time.. had a blaaaaast and carlos was ripping the board.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

PR beach fire: how to

the perks of the beach fire is that there is always palm leaves around..if your hanging out with "the party squirrel"

and your trying to light a grill to cook burgers at the skatepark... the palm leaf is an amazing fire starter

but this is about the beach fire.. many important steps.. 
step one- find a beach (good to search in the day because its usually full of women)

step 2 -  go back at night and dig your hole 

step 3 -  collect a few pieces of wood...

step 4 - have clint start the fire (palm leaves)

step whatever - make sure carlos is there in your straw hat.

have a party and swim in the huge waves in the dark.. fear for your life then sit next to the fire naked to dry off. sitting next to fires is an amazing way to enjoy time with your friends.. i dont know why. but some of my favorite times with friends has been sitting around fires with them.

Monday, February 21, 2011

the last days in rico

i planned on spending my last week in paradise doing absolutely nothing at all. so thats what i have been doing. no camera,sitting on the beach, and swimming alot. not wearing shoes and getting sunburnt. couple days left until i go home, which i am excited about because a bunch of friends are in town right now.

clint and i have been posting alot of the same things on our sites lately but he posted a link to this video and it was too good not to post it. the rest of the guys did a little exploring around the city yesterday and ended up at la perla bowl. on the weekends the bowl is filled with water for the ghetto kids to swim in and they were getting loose from what i saw in this video.. unless you have been there and saw how shallow/narrow/sketchy this pool is, you wouldnt understand how crazy a front flip to dive is into that thing

Sunday, February 20, 2011

kelly bakers kids

in 5 years... kelly bakers kids are going to be able to beat him up.

acctually...maybe in 3 years

Saturday, February 19, 2011

having the time of my life

here is a picture of some ad thing...
me sharing it with this total babe!

and this one of clint.. so sick.. but babeless

Thursday, February 17, 2011

alex magallan defgrip puerto rico

i dont ever look at bmx websites.unless they are my friends sites, and its just to see what they are up to. i have checked out the DEFGRIP website 2 times. once a few months back to check out a photo gallery from the T-! Anthem premiere that my friend cody did. and today to check out a photo gallery from when alex was here in puerto rico.
   The 2 times i looked at the site i scrolled down on the first page and thought "wow this site is awesome".  although i am not really interested in whats going on in bmx, or the hot new web video from some random dude i have never heard of doing the same old 360 stair drops and probably wont look at it again until my friends tell me about something they put up on there. i still suggest checking it out if thats the type of stuff your into. its just "the come up" but they dont just post stuff they take from other websites.

anyway... go check out alex's photo feature from puerto rico and see a bunch of photos he took of everyone while he was here. theres some gems but maybe i just like it because its memories for me


Wednesday, February 16, 2011


my friend lindsey sent me this picture and said it reminded her of me.. i couldnt be happier to know that bacon reminds someone of me.. bacon is the best ..bacon bacon bacon

adventuring around the island.. my left foot got some crazy bacteria infection and i havent been able to put on shoes for 2 days and wont wear shoes for a bit longer.. now my other foot is all cut up and walking sucks. but bacon still kicks major ass!! bacon for president.. 

heres a picture of kevin BACON from the movie "tremors". that movie was awesome and it makes me wonder if that was his real name or if he changed his name like most celebrities and he liked bacon so much that he made it his last name?? eric bacon? has a nice ring to it...

BMX skatepark hostel

Thank you quebradillas. Skatepark

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

circuit critical

the next wave of visitors have made it to the island.. vic and emerson flew in the other day and we will see out on a journey for a few days to explore the island. also evan from richmond has been in town for a week and we only saw him one day.. hes been having a blast and i think he wants to move here..

carlos made us a legit puerto rican meal the other night.. it was delicious

clint cant get away from making mods..

vic in the house.. this is critical!! im still sick.

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Alamo

a few weeks before i came to puerto rico, i went to the alamo with my friend lauren. shes from texas and knows the scoop with the alamo. i am into the culture of different places and the alamo has alot of history so i went for it. that place is boring though. the trip out there was fun and the city itself was awesome. but the alamo  is on its last leg and maybe because im not from texas so i didnt care?? i dunno. just found these pics on my desktop and figured i would toss them on here to look at in the future for a reminder.

some random people caught me taking a picture of them.. creepy

Saturday, February 12, 2011

had a bon fire on the beach the other night.. wish you were there

down here is not a bad place to live. im really soaking it up this time around. alot of relaxing as usual. went to quebradillas again and i took a long nap and took a couple of runs.. no worries im not here to ride my bike, im here to be here.

reynolds roast

carlos roast. feels the same.

Randoms from the pod


sunset heaven

carlos the shredder

Sunset heaven

Friday, February 11, 2011

more rain forest shots

some more random pictures from the rain forest yesterday.. evan vendetti is on the island adventuring and we havent seen him yet.. i think hes hitting the rainforest tomorrow and maybe we will see him soon. good times we are having