Wednesday, December 28, 2011

rich or poor

i think people assume that im poor because i dont have any money.. the definition would be "small in worth" or "lacking material possessions". just because i only have 50 bucks doesent make me poor... i only need 20, so i acctually have twice as much money as i need. i think the term "small in worth" leaves people with the freedom to make assumptions to what they think is a small amount of money. what might be a small amount of money to one person, might be alot to someone else.

some people walk on oriental rugs and some people prefer dirt


table of the week

perfectly executed.....

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Planning out your future

Fuck making plans. I will go months without making a plan and then when i decide i should try to keep plans with someone, i somehow manage to make plans with someone else...for the same time. then im that guy who breaks plans with people (which i am).

There are people out there that plan out their entire lives. Have the same routine they do, and if they stray from the routine, it makes them uncomfortable. sticking to the same plan.

a few months ago i got a sweet job that would last me the month of december and go till the middle of january. The pay was good.. about $1000 a week for 6 weeks. In my head i was thinking " its only 6 weeks and i will have 6000 bucks". It seemed like a no brainer. i was going to save the money and use it for the world trip i have always wanted to do. BIG PLANS!

i stayed up here instead of going to texas in november. the job was supposed to start december 2nd.. its the 27th and still no start. my big world plans are now in shambles. I spent the last of my money on a one way ticket to austin. i have a back pack and my bike. i parked my bus and im gonna hit the road for a bit. My flight is in January, so im in providence helping vic with the shop during the crazy season. I stayed at the shop last night in my hammock..Life is chill.

thanks VIC.

Monday, December 26, 2011

a late night with jake honesto

check for the best picture of jake

Friday, December 23, 2011


Its 3 days before christmas and its 55° outside. The other day, my friends chris and i, took a hike to see some sights in the woods. giant trees broken in the middle from the hurricane, trees with the cores burned out of them from being struck by lightning, caves the monks made a long ass time ago, and even some fields with absolutely nothing in them but some tall grass blowing in the wind. perfect.



I always have a hard time expressing my appreciation about stuff. which, unfortunately, can come off as me being un-appreciative. But i appreciate all the great friends that i have become closer to this summer.

Vic took a couple guys out for a dinner the other night..... to the nicest resturaunt i have ever been in.
"Al Forno's". which translated in my mind as "El Forno's" or "The Forno's".  Meals that were half the size of the meals im used to eating but twice as expensive. But The Forno's is definitely a quality over quantity resturaunt. The place reminded me of that movie Ratatouille. Thanks for the great time .

hot fanny

emerson eating some octopus pizza

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Time spent in the woods (part 2)

the last warm days of the year are clicking by right under your nose. Hibernation in the north east has usually already kicked in.. but for some reason, its still tolerable to be outside. so why wouldnt you put off your chores for a day in the 20's, so you can relax near a fire surrounded by trees and sun light.

jake, nick, and i took a walk in the woods the other day. after an hour, the treats kicked in, and we were roasting peanuts and laughing about nothing.

spend time in the woods.

The Almighty Grubb (part 4)

grubbs is an uncontrollable wild animal. But, he might not be a bad person to take a life lesson from. he lives in a hut he built in the woods behind a gas station. He's worried about 2 things in his life. Being happy and Boll Weevil's.  In this video he talks the Boll Weevil. and he takes a shot at trying to spell it and uses the letters K and Q......

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

time spent outside (part 1)

alot of my family is in town for the holidays. my mom and i went for a hike at purgatory chasm. a nice way to spend some time with her after not seeing her for a long time.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


i guess i got some stuff twisted

   Christmas has nothing to do with a guy named Jesus ... There is no way that people acctually think a guy was born of a virgin birth.  The facts are cut and dry. The sun gets lower in the sky until dec. 22nd, it stays the same for 3 days and on the 25th starts moving back up in the sky and making the days longer. the story of the "SON" being born on the 25th has always been about the "SUN". Unfortunately, people play dumb and choose to believe in god instead of facing reality, when you die, you rot in the ground, not live in the clouds with wings and angels.

But this doesent mean that people that dont believe in the fairytale of christ, dont enjoy the holidays.

its just important to not take it the wrong way.. Merry X-mas.

jakes house experience

i like putting myself in a situation that seems uncomfortable at the time, but when its all said and done, im laughing about it later. The other night at jakes house was one of those nights. His 2 roommates, Erin and Katie, were having a party at the house. homemade pizza and weed rice krispie treats was the food options. Jake wasn't getting out of work until after 10 so i decided to head over early, alone. The house was packed with people, all in a rice krispie mindset. i didnt know anyone there. i awkwardly small talked with a few strangers that clearly had a much larger I.Q. than me. it was weird. my best bet was to eat some pizza, eat some rice krispies, and find a nice space to sit and watch everyone.

i chose a spot on the couch. no one else in the room with jakes adorable cat on my left and a record player on my right. a perfect view into the kitchen.

2 rice krispie treats was a bad idea. they kicked in and i melted into the couch, with "UB40" playing in the background and a cat on my lap. no one else in the room. that was where i stayed for hours. Jake finally came home at almost 11:00. he stayed just long enough to eat a rice krispie treat and sit with me on the couch for about 15 minutes, then he left. someone sat next to me and i took a picture of their sock.

things started getting really weird and i went outside to the the bus and went to sleep. 


Monday, December 19, 2011

DIY spots

Theres something you get out of riding a D.I.Y. concrete spot, that you dont get from riding other spots. 
sometimes its where the spot is located more than the spot itself. 

just riding a bike on something

is fun enough.

unless you bite the dust...


If you could see Chris' mouth in this picture, you would see a smile.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

cold weather guard

its says its going to be 19 degrees outside tonight. ive been using the same 2 blankets to stay warm for the last 7 years. they make me look forward to getting in my bed. 

3rd jump in wimpee..the almighty grubb (part 3)

lots more progress on the 3rd set in the new line at the trails. Adam and jake got that thing stacked up tall yesterday and today was too cold to even go out there and dig..its 23°outside right now. its disgusting.

3rd set progress

in this third installment.. the almighty grubb rides his bike past the "beef barn?" 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

the run around

ive spent the last 6 years migrating south, the minute the temperature drops below 40°. maybe running from the fact that my home, where i grew up,and where i will always come back to as soon as the temperature starts climbing back, has a 3-4 month period of cold weather that is almost unbearable for me. yea, snow and winter are not something to "run" from. i would say its more of a run TO something than a run FROM something.
    I live in a bus, and because of its small size and constant movement, the majority of my time is spent outside. usually in the woods somewhere. when the cold weather starts taking that away from me.... i run to a warmer outside. Every year its the same thing. enjoying myself in the fall in new england, content, no worries. the cold air rolls in and im stir crazy and restless to stay warm without having to wear 2 jackets.

its that time of year again. the annual restlessness and stress are kicking in and telling me to get outta here before i have to shavel the bus out of a snow pile. Last year was the first time in my life that i left before it snowed and came back after it was done. a winter without seeing snow. perfect. This year is going to be different. im trying to flip my routine into a summer of travel and a winter of dialing it in. it could be a summer of a life time......


some people start fires with cans of gasoline, and some people start fires with the air in their lungs.
i get "you smell like a camp fire" alot. i love sitting in the woods around a fire just relaxing. it really simplifies everything.

woods <3

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

the 2 amigos

my friends Nick and Kerry have a book store/art studio?? im sure they wouldnt refer to it as either of those things, but im not very educated in anything that has to do with art/books so i call it a store. its great to see the 2 of them so passionate about something that im not too familiar with, i could just sit all night and listen to nick talk to people about books and art and everything that goes along with it.
they had a party there the other night and i went to hang out. read some good stuff and watched a bunch of people do their thing, it was a great time. thanks guys. Amigos Publishing

cross your legs when you stand

the poet wooing the ladies

giant glasses are back kid!

someone asked if anyone had an iphone.. i joked about my phone being shit and pulled it out. the 5 people i was standing with all had a similar antique relic.

chris pickett is crazy.. he says the craziest stuff,has a crazy beard, and dont give 2 shits. i like him.
chris,jake,and i and beards

hallway dance party

freezing cold

the ground officially froze at the trails up here in new england. rode them one day and the next day they are done for months. bummer. since jake and i have been building this new line at the trails, i have been going to get breakfast or lunch at the same grocery store across the street every time i am out there. and i am reminded every time im in there, how shitty people can be. i am usually wearing dirty clothes from digging all day and i have long hair and a beard. every time i go in there, within the first 2 minutes i start getting followed by someone. im guessing they look at me and stereotype me as a thief because my clothes arent nice?
     the store is a fancy, wanna be whole foods with a free coffee bar for customers. yesterday i bought a muffin,apple,clif bar,bag of almonds and a box of tea. i went to the coffee bar to fill my small thermos with hot water. the guy that was following me around the store was now moving cans of nutella around to look busy so he could spy on me and make sure i didnt do anything wrong. im guessing that he saw the dirt on my jeans and must have assumed that i was an idiot. i think i would have rather him just openly stand next to me the whole time i was in there. as soon as i go to fill my thermos from the hot water valve on the side of the coffee maker he got his big break! FINALLY, I CAN YELL AT HIM FOR SOMETHING!!  he walks over immediately and says "the coffee machine is not to be used to fill your thermos with coffee". i sarcastically replied with "yea i figured that, thats why im only filling it with hot water to make the tea i am buying from your store.but im sure you saw me pick the tea up off the shelf since you have been following me around since i walked in the door?". he didnt like that too much and walked away.. i decided to follow him around for a little while just to mess with him, wherever he went i just stood 5 feet away and adjusted jars of soup and cereal boxes.  unfortunately, people will always act like that.

on a lighter note, heres a picture of vic and cubby out in the woods.

jake and chris working on the wimp 

big thanks to the life guard for coming out and hanging.

first 2 jumps in the new line "wimpee"

Sunday, December 11, 2011

wimpee and The Almighty GRUBB!!! (part 2)

lots of progress on the new line at the trails. this weekend we had a few guys out there giving us a hand with some stuff.. hopefully get the second landing and third lip, stacked tomorrow. heres a pic of the second jump. 20+ ?

3rd jump started and berm. thanks everyone who came out to help us today.

so the real treat is the almighty grubb. the first video he talked some nonsense. in this second installment, he talks about a run in he had with a family of horseflies. you wont be disappointed.