Saturday, December 10, 2011

the almighty grubb (part one)

more progress on the new line at the trails.. its going up in record time i think. heres a few pics from today.

and now for the real nitty gritty. GRUBB!! i will now introduce to you, the long journey that is The Almighty GRUBB!!!  Grubsy is a homeless guy that lives in the woods at the trails. hes seen some shit,done way too many drugs, and now enjoys the simple life. im sure nothing has ever gone his way in life and he might be crazy but he seems like a pretty happy guy.
     today i was out at the trails alone and he strolled up with 2 packages of chicken and asked if he could cook them over the fire. i sat down and talked to him for a minute and realized he was saying the craziest stuff i have ever heard...  so i turned on the video camera and let it roll for a half hour.

heres the first installment of the almighty grubb. in this episode he talks about not being able to drive,being stoned, and  keg parties.

part 1

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