Wednesday, December 14, 2011

the run around

ive spent the last 6 years migrating south, the minute the temperature drops below 40°. maybe running from the fact that my home, where i grew up,and where i will always come back to as soon as the temperature starts climbing back, has a 3-4 month period of cold weather that is almost unbearable for me. yea, snow and winter are not something to "run" from. i would say its more of a run TO something than a run FROM something.
    I live in a bus, and because of its small size and constant movement, the majority of my time is spent outside. usually in the woods somewhere. when the cold weather starts taking that away from me.... i run to a warmer outside. Every year its the same thing. enjoying myself in the fall in new england, content, no worries. the cold air rolls in and im stir crazy and restless to stay warm without having to wear 2 jackets.

its that time of year again. the annual restlessness and stress are kicking in and telling me to get outta here before i have to shavel the bus out of a snow pile. Last year was the first time in my life that i left before it snowed and came back after it was done. a winter without seeing snow. perfect. This year is going to be different. im trying to flip my routine into a summer of travel and a winter of dialing it in. it could be a summer of a life time......

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