Tuesday, December 20, 2011


i guess i got some stuff twisted

   Christmas has nothing to do with a guy named Jesus ... There is no way that people acctually think a guy was born of a virgin birth.  The facts are cut and dry. The sun gets lower in the sky until dec. 22nd, it stays the same for 3 days and on the 25th starts moving back up in the sky and making the days longer. the story of the "SON" being born on the 25th has always been about the "SUN". Unfortunately, people play dumb and choose to believe in god instead of facing reality, when you die, you rot in the ground, not live in the clouds with wings and angels.

But this doesent mean that people that dont believe in the fairytale of christ, dont enjoy the holidays.

its just important to not take it the wrong way.. Merry X-mas.


  1. the dude was born on the 25th his resurrection is on easter. if your gonna hate on something at least the non facts straight
    sincerely non believer

  2. plus. he wasnt born on the 25th haha. who knows when he was born. we say he was born there. for no real reason whatsoever. maybe it was because a christian wrote the modern calendar. and hes like. the sun goes a bit nuts here. lets make this jesus birthday. none of which proves gods not real. or even slightly challenges that.