Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Planning out your future

Fuck making plans. I will go months without making a plan and then when i decide i should try to keep plans with someone, i somehow manage to make plans with someone else...for the same time. then im that guy who breaks plans with people (which i am).

There are people out there that plan out their entire lives. Have the same routine they do, and if they stray from the routine, it makes them uncomfortable. sticking to the same plan.

a few months ago i got a sweet job that would last me the month of december and go till the middle of january. The pay was good.. about $1000 a week for 6 weeks. In my head i was thinking " its only 6 weeks and i will have 6000 bucks". It seemed like a no brainer. i was going to save the money and use it for the world trip i have always wanted to do. BIG PLANS!

i stayed up here instead of going to texas in november. the job was supposed to start december 2nd.. its the 27th and still no start. my big world plans are now in shambles. I spent the last of my money on a one way ticket to austin. i have a back pack and my bike. i parked my bus and im gonna hit the road for a bit. My flight is in January, so im in providence helping vic with the shop during the crazy season. I stayed at the shop last night in my hammock..Life is chill.

thanks VIC.

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