Saturday, July 31, 2010

tranny buddies

this past weekend my friend mark and i went on a little concrete skatepark trip in the bus..westerly,groton,jewett city,dayville,blaymans ramp..we had a blast and while today was way to hot to skate for a while we ended up having the best session out of all of the parks right at our local park in dayville..hopefully continue the funfest into tomorrow morning but heres a few random pics from groton

and a couple pics of me riding a zebra and putting it in a head lock

yes thats a real zebra

Thursday, July 29, 2010


if you dont check out The Least Most.. you should give it a look..cubby just posted a post that hit my sweet spot because its about the "permasummer" and about him dropping everything to hit the open road and see what life had to offer..traveling all over the place check it out.. and while your at it try to do some "flying side kicks" over some high shit..i got about 48 inches the other night over a table with a lawn chair on it.. if you snap a pic i wanna see it so i can post it on here..toss one over a little brother or your dog or a friend.. send

heres a pic of a classic FSK

and heres a pic of my height record!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


not to be confused with the beautiful flower "honeysuckle"

posts havent been as regular since i officially moved into the bus..and i am ok with that.. been having a blast hanging out with friends all over..showering in downpours

and in beautiful waterfalls

cooking is dialed

and you see alot of pretty skies when your out on the road

being out on the road is amazing..i suggest everyone experiences it..but it comes with a warning.

WARNING: living loose and not being a hard working part of society you might be considered a "suckubus". if your not going to work hard dont expect to use valuable resources from people such as AIR,toilets,sinks,electricity,tools,laundry machines,ovens,grass,couches,televisions,cheeseburgers..etc

but most people dont mind sharing in exchange for friendship and maybe a helping hand doing something..  :-)

build your own fun

life is amazing for so many reasons..  one, is the way some people put in hard work so they can have things to enjoy(like trails and this awesome skatespot), while other people sit around eating chinese food and watching recorded tv re runs all day.. i went online on the "facebook dot com" and saw a post my friend jordan did that said "were gonna be at the med building a ledge if anyone wants to come buy and help out". so i shot over there and gave them a hand building it and it came out pretty sweet..
  watching them put in the work to have a cool skatespot got me siked because they all pitched in money and put in the work.. it wasnt just built for them to ride they had to do it all themselves..doing things like that give you a whole new respect for what you love to do..heres a few pics of everyone getting their hands dirty to have a cool spot to enjoy..dont buy fun...get off the couch and build it yourself!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

childhood pics

a picture of my father and i from when i was awesome..i always enjoyed this picture

registering vehicles

registering vehicles is a nightmare.  especially when its your house!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

roadward bound

some random photos from the archives..looking through some old stuff and liked em..shouldnt be long before i set sail on maybe the greatest adventure i have ever had..   :)


Monday, July 19, 2010

rafts and laughs part 2

rain sounds nice on the roof of the bus...

    after floating around all day in the lake on rafts, it got me thinking about a story posted on leastmost about some friends of mine that made a raft out of random scraps they found while searching through alley ways and stuff, and then floated from richmond, va. to a friends house 120 miles away down the james river.
    it took them about a week and im sure it was a genuine huck finn adventure..looks like it was an amazing time and seems like it would be a good getaway from "the daily grind" of every day life..

 build your own fun!

Going Nowhere Slow from Least Most on Vimeo.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

rafts and laughs

this past weekend my friend billy came up with an idea called "rafts and laughs" or "floats and hoes".. basically anyone who wanted to go just show up at the lake with a float or raft and party out in the water for a while...

  there was a really good turnout of people..everyone had different types of rafts..from giant whales to air mattress', people brought their dogs and a guy even took a sled toboggan and threw some water noodles underneath it and floated out there ..  we were out there swimming and floating for about 4 hours and it was a pretty exhausting day..

i had my camera on my raft all day and was swimming around and later in the night i was looking through my pics and realized that someone took a picture of a girls boobs with my camera. looking good..i just wish i knew whos they were


Saturday, July 17, 2010

bus life

the bus is sick!!!

Friday, July 16, 2010


i just watched lsd riders and now i dont feel good

fbm north east trip

props just posted the section from a trip we went on last year i was all over the northeast but i posted this section because it has cubby in it. yes it has the guy with the glasses from props in it

Go to for more videos.

side story...

one time we went out into a town and some people  asked us if we were filming for fuel tv and i said yes and they asked if the guy with the glasses was there. i told them yes and as i was telling them he was walking over so i said "here he comes you should say hi, hes a cool dude"  as hes walking up i said "hey these people wanted to meet the guy from fuel tv".. then steve rips a really smelly fart and just starts dying laughing and walks away..

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

floating on an air mattress

  this reminds me of this post on this site LHTHF..they dont have an exact similarity but im sure you can get the point.. unfortunately we live in new england where i think people are in more of a rush for some reason.
   after hearing poeple saying things to me like"your jokes are going to get you far in life","you cant always just do whatever you want" and "get a real job", it makes me realize more and more that im not trying to get "far" in life.(and to be honest i dont even understand what that meens). And while it might not be everyones motto, as they drive hours to and from work everyday, im happy to say that spending alot of time in different parts of the world has made me grow an appreciation for what i think is important, time. Its more important to me to spend my time doing the things i enjoy doing, like spending time with friends,riding bikes, and most of all relaxing..
   i noticed in the last week that i have always thought of my way of thinking as better than someone elses, and i apologize to anyone for that, growing up in an enviroment where everyone is constantly judging everyone for doing things differently than them, i guess i never noticed it happening.
    who am i to say that spending my days with minimum amounts of money, swimming and riding my bike, is any better than someone who works 10 hours a day and has money in the bank..just different ways of thinking.

this past weekend i spent sunday with my friends billy and his roommates..i stopped by his house and he was just about to leave to go to the lake and ride his jet ski..i grabbed my bed outta the bus(which is an air mattress) and jumped in with them and floated on the lake for hours. drinking iced tea and feeding ducks.. i think i might do that every day next week if any one would like to join me one day.

finally a new skateboard

i took the boss to visit my friend jordan at ideal skateshop friend jeff from WORSHIP SKATEBOARDS owns the shop.. he has always been really helpful with me and skateboarding..i always liked skating but its hard for me to do it alot and he understands and helps me out a ton..thanks man!!
   my old skateboard disappeared from the local shop in town a while ago so i havent had a board for a lick..i got some loot and got a new one.rusty..siked!!  tranny buddies!!!

check out the worship site and see how they roll..all their decks are artist series so different artists make the graphics and then run a limited batch of em..some amazing artists and a really awesome concept

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


spending my last weeks in danielson planning out the big trip!! the bus is pretty much ready to go,with a few minor kinks that need to be worked out .. im excited to get out on the road..from new england to EVERYWHERE!! maybe..or maybe not.  but anything is better than nothing

get out there and blaze a trail!  TRAILSRULE

Monday, July 12, 2010

tandem bikes

something about riding a tandem with a bud just gets me siked..some guy came into the shop tito works at trying to get rid of a tandem..tito threw him 20 bucks and its been getting shredded ever since..we took it a few times to the local swim spot and it was a treat..i had so much fun i decided to wear a dinosaur mask the whole time

Saturday, July 10, 2010

webster lake

i told some people about the name of the lake that is in the town that i grew up in..i think it was hard for them to believe me because they made me say it like 20 times to try and catch me saying it defferently..i swung in and snapped a picture for proof

Thursday, July 8, 2010


when i got my new bike i asked crandall what he thought i should do with my old one. he said "why dont you give it to some kid in town that deserves it". the kids in town are either way taller than me,so it would be too short for them. or already have sick bikes..
  this kid ethan rides at the park and kills it.. he never bugs me about what tricks he can do and hes real quiet which i am siked on..i saw him at the park the other day and he just started blasting 360's out of this fly out jump on the back side of the bowl. i was siked. the next time i saw him at the park i asked him what kinda frame he had and he said he had an eastern trail digger.BINGO.. "you want a new fbm frame?" "are you serious?" "hell yea!" a gave him a t shirt and some stickers and he painted the bike to look exactly like the shirt...hell yea