Wednesday, July 28, 2010


not to be confused with the beautiful flower "honeysuckle"

posts havent been as regular since i officially moved into the bus..and i am ok with that.. been having a blast hanging out with friends all over..showering in downpours

and in beautiful waterfalls

cooking is dialed

and you see alot of pretty skies when your out on the road

being out on the road is amazing..i suggest everyone experiences it..but it comes with a warning.

WARNING: living loose and not being a hard working part of society you might be considered a "suckubus". if your not going to work hard dont expect to use valuable resources from people such as AIR,toilets,sinks,electricity,tools,laundry machines,ovens,grass,couches,televisions,cheeseburgers..etc

but most people dont mind sharing in exchange for friendship and maybe a helping hand doing something..  :-)

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