Wednesday, July 28, 2010

build your own fun

life is amazing for so many reasons..  one, is the way some people put in hard work so they can have things to enjoy(like trails and this awesome skatespot), while other people sit around eating chinese food and watching recorded tv re runs all day.. i went online on the "facebook dot com" and saw a post my friend jordan did that said "were gonna be at the med building a ledge if anyone wants to come buy and help out". so i shot over there and gave them a hand building it and it came out pretty sweet..
  watching them put in the work to have a cool skatespot got me siked because they all pitched in money and put in the work.. it wasnt just built for them to ride they had to do it all themselves..doing things like that give you a whole new respect for what you love to do..heres a few pics of everyone getting their hands dirty to have a cool spot to enjoy..dont buy fun...get off the couch and build it yourself!!

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