Wednesday, July 14, 2010

floating on an air mattress

  this reminds me of this post on this site LHTHF..they dont have an exact similarity but im sure you can get the point.. unfortunately we live in new england where i think people are in more of a rush for some reason.
   after hearing poeple saying things to me like"your jokes are going to get you far in life","you cant always just do whatever you want" and "get a real job", it makes me realize more and more that im not trying to get "far" in life.(and to be honest i dont even understand what that meens). And while it might not be everyones motto, as they drive hours to and from work everyday, im happy to say that spending alot of time in different parts of the world has made me grow an appreciation for what i think is important, time. Its more important to me to spend my time doing the things i enjoy doing, like spending time with friends,riding bikes, and most of all relaxing..
   i noticed in the last week that i have always thought of my way of thinking as better than someone elses, and i apologize to anyone for that, growing up in an enviroment where everyone is constantly judging everyone for doing things differently than them, i guess i never noticed it happening.
    who am i to say that spending my days with minimum amounts of money, swimming and riding my bike, is any better than someone who works 10 hours a day and has money in the bank..just different ways of thinking.

this past weekend i spent sunday with my friends billy and his roommates..i stopped by his house and he was just about to leave to go to the lake and ride his jet ski..i grabbed my bed outta the bus(which is an air mattress) and jumped in with them and floated on the lake for hours. drinking iced tea and feeding ducks.. i think i might do that every day next week if any one would like to join me one day.

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