Tuesday, August 31, 2010

en route

jumped in the bus for a final drive to my pops house where the bus will be parked for the next month..

i rode with my dad to work and hung out there for a few hours and then he brought me to the bus..  when i was at his work, this guy came in!!

his mustache hung way below his bottom lip.. you couldnt even see his mouth move when he talked.. i cant even imagine kissing this guy..get physical!!

growing up i spent alot of time at my dads work.. we used to have some bike jumps up the street that were terrible but we had one jump called trash pit and the backside of the landing was 5 railroad ties stacked up like a wall and a kid cased it on a mongoose supergoose and snapped his bike in half. i havent been there in like 10 years so i skated over to see what was left of em and it acctually looked like people had been working on them and had a clue what they were doing.. i was siked!!! i wish there was some dudes there riding them.

now im sitting in the airport.. i cant believe how many babes are in airports! my heads gonna explode, OVERLOAD!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

plymouth part 2

the second day i was in plymouth i got asked to go scuba diving.. i have never ben before so i was totally stoked.. i rode the SHERPA over to my friend ryans shop to meet up with my friend jamesbo.

we drove to my friend keiths house and picked up his boat and headed for the ocean..the name of the boat is "moto-vated" because keith is a motocross rider.. pretty awesome

we went out a little ways and threw on all the gear that weighs soooo much its ridiculous.

i jumped in went down 20 feet freaked out because my mask was leaking like crazy..made a bolt for the surface(which is a huge no no) and then realized the tide had already pulled me about 150ft from the boat out to sea.. seriously the creepiest situation ever.. i tried a few times and couldnt handle it and swam back to the boat and hung out under the sun for a while. dissapointed

jimmy caught a sweet lobster while he was down there. it was an all around good time even though i couldnt handle scuba diving.

i would rather be working...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

friend fest

finally got outta the danielson area. hung out with my friend vic in rhode island for a day and i traded him my pocket frisbee for this hat.. (sorry jeff i hope you understand! look at this thing!)

 i announce at a supercross race every year in marshfield massachusetts so i headed up there to have some fun with that.. billy met me up there in his bus and we created bus village

billy taking a wizz.

it poured the whole night so the races ended up being canceled so i headed to plymouth to look at the rock christopher columbus hit in the santa maria. i hennysuckled a dirtbike and some huge gear and hit the trails with some buds for the day... sooo much funnn!!!

after the trail ride ryan and his wife "the goat" made an amazing dinner.. i felt like a king  eating steak and salmon.. it sure beats ramen noodles and oatmeal.



Wednesday, August 25, 2010

weather awesome

its raining rats and logs!!!!  everyone get down to circuit and drink ice cold dew with me...get awesome

and this guy is stoked on the sale!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

circuit super sale

this weekend is going to be awesome at circuit.. there is a labor day sale friday saturday and sunday.. for back to school stuff. and the shop is stocked with anything awesome in bmx... check out the flyer below for phone number and address for directions..come down and drink refreshing mt dews with me.

im gonna be hanging out at the shop watching bike vids and folding t shirts so everyone should come up and have some fun.. ride paw park and eat some food.
 the shop is full of shoes

and clothes.

and all the bmx goods of course.

and maybe even cubby

see ya on saturday!

Monday, August 23, 2010

kool burst!

the other day i was sitting in the bus on my computer and this kid andre came in soo excited about "juicy juices that are only $1.00 for 6".. i gave him a few bucks in change and he went over and bought a couple  6er's and we had a kool aid kool burst juice fest in the bus.

its always good to get siked about the small things.

Friday, August 20, 2010

bus life

couldnt find anyone to go up to washington.. so sticking around flaxin and relaxin for the day..

something i enjoy about bus life is what i like to call "yards"  most places that you park have islands of grass with little trees and things in them..you take them for granted, but when you have a bus for a home they make a perfect yard.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

2 things

emerson wrote a poem about his fish named mr fishy fish.. here it is

If I had one wish.
It would be to be a fish.
To swim with you mr. Fishy Fish.

and this is a conversation i just had with mark choquette

mark: you have any plumbing skills?

me: nah man

mark: fuck off then

the internet is awesome

fan mail.. babe scope

you see that gun in the background on the wall....

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

mountain washington

trying to go back up to mount washington this weekend for a "super hike" if you will.

up one side and down the other, camp out, wake up and head back over on some gnarly trails back. if anyone is interested let me know on the book of faces or something.. if anyone talks to sleeper, tell him i want him up there with us!

heres a few random pics from our trip up there 2 weeks ago..

lets do this!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

bus trampoline jump

operation ground zero had to be put on hold..there was some problems back in the hometown and i had to head back for the week..im going to be hanging out at dayville skatepark for the next few days winning all the money i can off of the kids playing c-lo. come down and light stuff on fire.

my friend billy has a bus also..i was over his house and we set up a trampoline between our buses and went roof to roof..it was a blast

Sunday, August 15, 2010

operation ground zero

stuck in the bus in walmart parkinglot with zero dollars and zero gas in the bus and i have to get to cape cod by wednesday... time for operation ground zero!

instead of sitting around trying to figure out what to do, i decide to start the adventure of O.G.Z.  If i can get to cape cod i have some work i can do to get the money snowball rolling.. today i pedaled around on my road bike collecting cans into grocery bags i clipped to my back pack. i collected 7 dollars worth..thats  140 cans!  stoked!!

i cashed in and bought 2 gallons of gas and headed for the rhode island border..

in the morning im going to test my luck with the cans again..and maybe stand at an intersection asking for change with a sign that says "hit ground zero, trying to get back up".. let the adventure beginnnnn!!!!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

"The Bust"

im sure i can think of a few people that will get a kick out of reading this.....

  had some bus troubles on tuesday.. broke down on the side of the road blowing antifreeze everywhere with a blown up water pump. i guess its better it happens now than when im out on the road far away.

my friend the Q-MAN had some family with a farm about a mile up the road so he was able to pull me there to get it off the road until i could get a tow truck.. a truck couldnt come until later in the day on thursday.  i did alot of sitting around reading until he came.

the tow from where i was broken down to my dads house was 400 dollars..it was every cent i had to my name  after spending 700 dollars to get it on the road. It has basically left me immobilized.

If it wasnt for my father i would have been double screwed..He owns an automotive shop and got me the parts for it and didnt make me pay him yet.. and him and i were up till midnight 2 days in a row working on it to get it running again.

i have never worked on a car before..basic stuff like brakes and oil and tires..but never engine stuff.. it was a nice experience and having the bus has been a huge learning process for me..as of right now im in a rut i have never been in before but i wouldnt change it for anything.. im doing what i have wanted to do for a long time.
    Although this has depleted my money supply and i wont be able to drive the bus across the country anymore like i was planning on doing on august 25th. Im still in good spirits and i know the time will come when i will be able to do it.

the bus was dubbed with the new nickname "the bust". for the time being.

i call this little number "the summer time twist ending"... you think its a human but its a dinosaur..
brought to you in shitty definition

mount washington part two

above the tree line the view is beautiful..not that the trail wasn't beautiful, but with a clear day and visibility for miles..being that high up in the white mountains is a treat..you would be surprised how long of a hike it is to the top after you get above tree line..

we stopped about halfway up and boiled up a full package of  hot dogs

i took two panoramic pics at less than half way up..mt washington summit is just to the right of billys head. the view just from half way up is gorgeous already 

once we got to the top we didnt bother to take a pic of the summit sign because it was swarmed with people trying to get their picture next to it because they had just drove their car up it.. something aboutchicks in mini skirts and flip flops standing next to the summit sign of the highest peak in the northeast just makes me laugh.. instead i took a picture of all their cars in the parkinglot