Sunday, October 26, 2014

Gorge Rd

Biggest thank you ever to Nathan and all the boys down in Queenstown. Appreciate all the hospitality , and a community of people willing to open their arms to anyone. Loved it down there in the Q

Hugh doing a 360 T bog on the money jump

Some thing grab. Not Hugh

Cam's garage, thank you guys for the hammock spot.. sleeping in style.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Last days in Queenstown

Arie on top of the world in the basket of dreams.

Very happy about how much Bubba and I have been able to explore while we have been in New Zealand. Although there is so much more to see, it's great to be able to do as much as we have. When I think of all the places we went, we did so many cool different things in all of them.

Friday, October 24, 2014

The Farm Jam 2014

Everyone went to farm jam. We were sitting at the house debating whether or not to go because it was raining. We made the few hour drive and immediately regretted the time we spent sitting around the house wondering if we were going to go or not. We  could have been there sooner having a good old time with everyone. Everyone set up their tents everywhere, relaxed by the fire for a while and woke up to a moist morning.

Thursday, October 23, 2014


Slept for almost 10 hours on the ground in that tiny moss tee pee. I don't even sleep that much in my hammock. Good Morning New Zealand...

Woke up to beautiful weather, and set off above the trees to see more of the world. Not bad, Not bad.

Ian soaking up the view for a while. Just wind and vision. slowly now, In through the nose...., exhale through the mouth....

Hiked out to a road and Ian scored us a ride all the way back to Queenstown from 2 guys from Israel. They spoke Hebrew the whole time. We were stoked to get a ride so quick, landing us in downtown queenstown hours after midnight.. They dropped us off down town, we walked 5 feet, saw Cam's truck, found them, and Got a ride back to the house. Love when everything feels in line and flowing just right.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hitchin' to the Routeburn Track

The Routeburn track is a pretty heavily traveled hiking trail just south of Queenstown. Only an hour from New Zealands tourism capital, Of course it would be.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Gorge Rd, Queenstown NZ

 Gorge Road is the best. People knock it because its not "trails", but at the end of the day, it is what you make it and that place was so much fun. I've rode jumps my entire life, and this place was one of the best places that I have been fortunate to visit. Always welcoming vibes from everyone, for everyone; I feel fortunate to be able to travel to the other side of the world and experience that.
Trails Rule!

Cameron McCameron

Gypsy Table

Monday, October 20, 2014


A little drive south of Queens town is a farm with some jumps. Incredible, Beautiful, Friendly location. Bubba over shot a step down on his second run and exploded onto the flat bottom..He's  taken a couple of hard slams down here.. The crazy heat probably wasn't helping.

The drive back to Queenstown is beautiful. The road winds along the lake for a while. So great to be surrounded by all the beautiful landscapes and people.. a seemingly endless stoke.

Stella has seen some shit!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Queens Town

Got this picture of Bubba sleeping on the ground outside of his tent...Pretty surreal campsite on this hill over looking the Mountains and ice blue lake in town.  Everyone was going to a Lynard Skynard concert,

Friday, October 17, 2014

Timaru - QT

We took a few runs and tried to get some surf. Headed south to Dunedin. Rain in the fir cast for a few days. After spending most of a day inside fighting the rain, we decided to skip out on checking out a surf break in the south and headed straight to Queenstown, straight to Gorge Rd.

At this point, we had no idea of all the great people we would be surrounded by, during our stay in Queenstown.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Oarana... Te Moana... ooh I wanna

Heard of some awesome swim spots out by these Gorges, laughed at the rain and went for a look, found some beautiful stuff in the middle of no where... middle of no where, like the roads look like this...

And then we were in Timaru. Wind killed the surf but then we found this public dirt jump park.. Ended up taking down the chain, pulling the car right inside, and sleeping there for the night.

Morning coffee and laps

Saturday, October 11, 2014


Our days in Christchurch were perfect. Got awesome surf, rode awesome parks, hung with awesome dudes, and met so much stoke. Looking back on it now, Christchurch was one of the best places we stopped in. Unfortunate they got hit so hard by all those Earthquakes..

Ended up pedaling around downtown Christchurch all night with a few guys that rolled in to ride the skatepark at dark. They didn't give a care about anything but a good time. They showed us around all the Earthquake damage and one of them ended up letting us camp in his back yard. Loving this place.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Down the East Coast to the Seals

Picton was full of tourists. We were everywhere. But then we spent a few days in the woods and forgot about it.. After driving from our campsite in picnic bay, to Kaikoura. We rolled into a town so small and so over crowded with tourists, it was almost unbearable to hang there. Perfect Laundry day and slept at a cool spot with a bunch of seals everywhere.

Took a hike on the Kaikoura peninsula in the morning. Cool adventure and was able to get away from some of the riff raff. Beautiful Mountain drop background on the town of Kaikoura. And a mean hotplate.

Drove down to New Brighton, in Christchurch. Had seen a picture of a new bowl down there and it was not a disappointment..other than the wind. Met some really awesome people down there in the few nights that we stayed there in the parking lot. Had some tea with an old retired guy that was on his lifes last leg, driving around the country in his old van as a somewhat farewell to his homeland. I definitely will never forget Bill. There were also 3 vans of Germans that were sleeping in the parking lot and surfing a fun break across the street from the park.

And all the local kids we met at all the different spots, New Brighton's were top class.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Queen Weka Stoked

Bubba took this picture of Me vs. the Weka. Crazy mini mountain raptors. Cooked so many meals in the woods; It was nice to hike down from the ridge line, to the waters edge to cook our dinner. The Food rituals were a big part of our trip. An enjoyable part as well.

Spent the next morning walking for a few hours to the bottom of "Mt. Stokes". As soon as we started climbing, the woods were looking more and more incredible. We dropped our packs on top of a big rock, played a game of chess, and continued our way up to the top.

Walked past a few older couples on their way down from the summit... they just said "welcome to lord of the rings country"... haha. Crazy fog by the time we got to the top, didn't make a difference..

Hitched a ride back to Stella and slept in my hammock by her side..

Sunday, October 5, 2014

All Hail Queen Charlotte

   We really had no plan when we woke up. Tried to go to an information center and met our first rude New Zealander. Decided to do a long hike on the Queen Charlotte Track. When we came in on the ferry, there was a range of mountains to our right side that we stared at in awe for a good 30 minutes; This was the hiking trail that walked across all of them....
    Got this picture in the morning, of the ferry leaving town with the Queen Charlotte track in the background. At this point we didn't know we were going to be up there.

We got a campsite and parked the car in it. Packed up all of our gear for a few days in the woods, and started walking down the road. Got picked up almost immediately by a really funny guy from Switzerland and he brought us to our trail head.. After some serious trekking, this wo

Saturday, October 4, 2014

All's Well and Good

Wellington was awesome. Got to ride the bowl, bath in the sea, Check out some "ART", watch people, Meet people and even eat some Kinna (Urchin)with an awesome Maori guy. It was awful tasting, but an experience...

Ate a bunch of awesome meals with awesome views, in Wellington. Soaked it up for a final day and hopped on the Ferry with just the right amount of daylight left to roll through the Queen Charlotte sound around Sunset. A beautiful sight on all sides.

Welcome to the South Island.

Friday, October 3, 2014

A few days to Wellington

After leaving Gisbone, we headed down the coast to Mahia in search of more surf. perfectly flat waters resulted in a nice game of chess on the beach. We were hoping to spend days on the coast surfing on our way down to wellington

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Giz Air

Woke up and took a bunch of laps on the track. Then went surfing for a bit but the waves were still really broken up. went back to the track and rode a bunch more. some fast local kids flying around. That place was sick

Gisbone had a cool looking skatepark but it was crazy full of scooters so we didn't bother. Nice meals on the hot plates. Saw a little kid crash on his bike and start crying. Found an awesome spot to set up camp on the beach with stella. Dug a hole between 2 dunes and set up the tents in it out of the wind.

The next morning, rainy, we were  outta there and headed South

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Did a little hike in the Papamoa hills. Funny to just walk up a hill, look around at the view for a bit, and walk down. Just registering another awesome view in our memory banks. Cool to be able to see The Mount from a little ways down the road.