Thursday, October 23, 2014


Slept for almost 10 hours on the ground in that tiny moss tee pee. I don't even sleep that much in my hammock. Good Morning New Zealand...

Woke up to beautiful weather, and set off above the trees to see more of the world. Not bad, Not bad.

Ian soaking up the view for a while. Just wind and vision. slowly now, In through the nose...., exhale through the mouth....

Hiked out to a road and Ian scored us a ride all the way back to Queenstown from 2 guys from Israel. They spoke Hebrew the whole time. We were stoked to get a ride so quick, landing us in downtown queenstown hours after midnight.. They dropped us off down town, we walked 5 feet, saw Cam's truck, found them, and Got a ride back to the house. Love when everything feels in line and flowing just right.

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