Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Did a little hike in the Papamoa hills. Funny to just walk up a hill, look around at the view for a bit, and walk down. Just registering another awesome view in our memory banks. Cool to be able to see The Mount from a little ways down the road.
Drove East to Opotiki. Cool skatepark with a Horse hanging out in it with all the scooters. Saw a bunch of sketchy Meth head looking people. Sad to see how a problem like that can suck down a whole town; especially when the towns are so small. Drove through the Waioeka Gorge between Opotiki and Gisbone. Stopped for a nice swim

Planned to get a bit of surf is Gisbone. Had heard they had a great swell the week before and hoped to get a little piece of it. When we got to town the weather made for crappy surf. We found a cool lookout point to watch the sun set and rode a weird tight tranny for a second.

Met some cool locals, played some rugby, and then they took us to the local BMX track.. One of the nicest BMX tracks I've ridden. Took a few laps before dark and cooked a mean dinner in the parking lot before setting up our hammocks there.

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