Friday, October 24, 2014

The Farm Jam 2014

Everyone went to farm jam. We were sitting at the house debating whether or not to go because it was raining. We made the few hour drive and immediately regretted the time we spent sitting around the house wondering if we were going to go or not. We  could have been there sooner having a good old time with everyone. Everyone set up their tents everywhere, relaxed by the fire for a while and woke up to a moist morning.

Was awesome to have a bunch of people all hanging out around the back of Stella. Seemed to be the hot hang out spot in the AM.

Took a walk up the hill to check out the jumps. Super moist and un rideable. A bunch of people started working on them  and after a few hours and a few fires.. the sun came out and the runs started to go down.

Paul Langlands is a serious serious beast.. by the end of the day he was covered in blood and mud. G bolter in tow

Big thank you to everyone that day for making it such a great experience. To be over in New Zealand seeing what its all about. So great to share those good times with them. I think all my friends voted for me for best style. I dunno how that happened but I have always wanted a picture of me holding one of those giant fake checks.. haha

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