Thursday, October 9, 2014

Queen Weka Stoked

Bubba took this picture of Me vs. the Weka. Crazy mini mountain raptors. Cooked so many meals in the woods; It was nice to hike down from the ridge line, to the waters edge to cook our dinner. The Food rituals were a big part of our trip. An enjoyable part as well.

Spent the next morning walking for a few hours to the bottom of "Mt. Stokes". As soon as we started climbing, the woods were looking more and more incredible. We dropped our packs on top of a big rock, played a game of chess, and continued our way up to the top.

Walked past a few older couples on their way down from the summit... they just said "welcome to lord of the rings country"... haha. Crazy fog by the time we got to the top, didn't make a difference..

Hitched a ride back to Stella and slept in my hammock by her side..

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