Thursday, April 29, 2010

the orchard

tito,chris ,and myself went out to the orchard for a couple days to see what the damage was to the jumps out there.
.we decided it wouldnt take too much work to get a fun little line built back up so we started digging some dirt and threw up a new double in no time flat..a week or 2 and we should have a ton done out there..

this weekend would be a good time to do some digging but we are heading up to upstate new york for some camping and some good times with some good week should be a very busy week with lots of stuff to do and good weather to go along with is..i love spring...i got a little surprise to post on monday so keep your eyes peeled!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

boston bruins game

went to a bruins game last night.. playoff game against the buffalo was amazing and the bruins won.. i love hockey and it was sooo much fun...i turned on the video camera and like 5 seconds later they scored. i was siked...annnnd i took a sweet picture of hailey at my dads house.

Monday, April 26, 2010

im happy

check out the link on the top of the page for holeshot.. sweet dude thats siked a bunch of the time..who doesent have time to get upset over something that doesent matter..i wish everyone coud figure out how to do that.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

india dance off

indian people like dancing in silk shirts.. theyre nuts happy

rht camping

went camping out at the trails last night..tito has has these trails for like 10 years and i think he built them 10 years ago and hasnt touched them since...they were running good and smooth which surprised me a little bit..tito told me they would be fun..and we all had a blast...i woke up to tito making a huge bon fire and dancing next to it alone.the joe show put on a serious show by jumping the trails in the dark with no light at all and eating shit trying to hit a jump and grab a beer out of chris' hand and drink it kb was a fun day / on wolfies!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

welcome home

i got back to sunny connecticut last night...hung out in chucks shop for the night and then around 11 last night he said "hey man if you wanna ride my beach cruiser home you can"
so you can imagine how siked i was because that thing is so much fun to i rode it home..i slept...woke up this morning and remembered i had the beach cruiser!!!

jumped on it and started pedaling to chucks shop..jumped off some curbs and was feeling kinda pumped up so i tried to blast a 180....i got to about 1oo degrees landed and bent the wheel so badly the axle was touching the ground.LOL

hey chuck thanks for picking me up from the airport and letting me borrow your bike....its good to be home!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

im siked

steve helped me out an unreal amount by selling me his old laptop..thanks so much man, seriously.. and everything else hes done for me with taking me on trips and my bikes and stuff.. i really appreciate everything all the guys at fbm have done for me.
now that i have a computer i was able to load all the pictures off of my camera and go through them a little bit..
here is a few pictures from the fbm mountaintop ride uk trip.and a few others. keep your eyes open because it should be in a future ride uk magazine and there is some awesome pictures in there from the dudes on the team...kenny horton and the haunted house......

we went to a cookout at our friend matts house the other day...he had a box jump set up in his yard that was a blast..we sat around and watched the evan venditti show go down on friend puck sent me this 15 second video of me riding the set can imagine how fun the thing was to ride

Sunday, April 18, 2010

still in richmond

been in richmond for the last few weeks...the weather has been the nicest weather i have ever seen in my life. its been a blast..did an fbm trip in the mountains of western virginia,been riding trails and digging a bunch, went to an against me show last night..super small venue.jam packed with psyched people

i head home tuesday pretty excited to hang out at "the daily grind" again. everyone should come this weekend to the road trip video premiere..its gonna be a party till your homeless kinda time.

this little ape is going to be there signing autographs and buying me 2 slices of pizza

theres a whole bunch of pictures my friend josh took of me while i was in tennessee up on the fbm site..hes a pretty awesome photographer and you can check them out HERE

get awesome!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


been traveling a bunch and havent had a chance to get to a computer...ill be home on tuesday and will have a bunch of chances to update this...for the 10 people who acctually look at and friends .

been in the mountains of virginia riding down long steep hills on my bicycle with my has been a crazy winter with over 15 flights since january..its gonna be good to be home.

party till you're homeless!

Friday, April 9, 2010

check out crandall just posted my newest web video and a bunch of pictures my friend josh bekmeyer took of me at the trails the day before i left memphis..also check out ctbmx for info on the daily grind video premiere and a sweet picture of my face.....

Not everyone gets to ride an ostrich... from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

dog personalities

ive been in memphis tennessee again for the last week..working and riding some trails. im heading out in the morning on a flight to richmond virginia, where i will be hanging out with friends at the "world class" stump jump competition.. after that its off to the mountains of virginia with some buds to do some camping,cooking,laughing,and hill bombing.i cant wait..and its acctually up in the north eastern region of the united states which i havent seen in a few months.
while i was staying with my friends clayton and amy  a few days ago i was watching fantastic mr fox and i noticed how big the differences in personalities were between their 3 dogs.
    so now i am deciding to post pictures of them and explain them so i can look back at it in a year and laugh..
first of all is the 3 dogs .Lika,Bella,And Eva
dog number 1--------Eva

eva is the shy one out of the 3 of them..while the other 2 are jumping on your lap looking to get some good pettings..eva is just hanging out.when it came time to sleep though..eva was the first one to want to sleep on your lap or between you feet

dog 2------Bella

bella is the smart dog..i think is the oldest out of the 3 and wise beyond her years..knows where the petting comes from and is always the first to hit the lap looking for a good scratching..

dog 3------Lika

lika is the weird one..when bella and Eva go outside,lika is 10 steps back and gets stuck inside..looks weird,acts weird,thinks weird...but lika is my favorite and is an expert cuddle dog.


what the heck...why bored and crandall posted this picture today on his photo site ridethewild


unless your erin briggs,evan vendetti,or steve crandall, wiggum doesent give a shit..hes been called "the biggest chiller" in the world ..and he has proven time and time again that that is a perfect label..he will give you the cold shoulder,but dont take it personal,hes just trying to relax 

subliminal pug!

clayton blair

clayton got his hands on his all time favorite bike..the fbm deployer... he painted it and dialed it in and i took some pictures of it

Thursday, April 1, 2010

puerto rico the final pictures

found out i could take the lens off of dans camera and hold it up to mine and take pictures...heres a bunch of those and some other random pictures from puerto rico

after puerto rico we spent some time in florida hanging out with was awesome and it was a bummer to im in memphis again for the week and the weather has been absolutely gorgeous..blueskies,green grass,and brown cows smiling

heres will roasting an air out of a hard thing to air