Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Cruz Fest

A little mishap at the trails left me with a severed tendon, and weeks later I couldn't believe how thankful I was that it happened.....  We are creating our own reality. Everyday. Everybody's is different and everybody makes it up as it comes. It's always changing, and for that, its always the same. How to approach it all is the hardest part of living for me.  The people I met from the chop, and the experiences I had with them, made it all seem worth it. Thank you Kyle for landing on my hand with your brake rotor, It was a really good time. Thankful to spend my breathing time with good people.

Cruz Fest

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


  Chunks Tillman or Chunk Stillman - Pacifica side

Jackson Allen or Snackson Allen - B-Lo oppo

Murphy Brown


Thank you West Coast. The dudes kill it over there