Sunday, August 28, 2011


the best part about riding trails is that they will never be the cool flavor of the year trend that kids go through. kids are so lazy nowadays theres no way any of them would ever put any energy into building a dirt jump when they can just go to a concrete park and do a fly out tailwhip.

Mike aitken

im not saying im a hard working super motivated person, but i have never seen a lazy generation of kids than right now, and their lazyness gives me an even greater appreciation for anyone that has ever helped me build a dirt jump or let me ride the jumps that they have worked hard for. thank you.


Matty Anal

live showings

The Toucans played their first show the other night.. it was the first show that the band was waiting for the crowd. it was awesome. our set was 5 minutes long and about 15 people showed up. thanks to everyone who came, the next show is gonna be huge. we are shooting for a 6 minute set...

summer fun in the sun.. heres a video of me hitting the local rope swing.. one of my favorite summer activities

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Summer Activities

Steve came up to hang out for a few days last week. we all had a good time having a good time.

my birthday gift to myself.. a flite pad set.

every year i go and annonce a supercross race in marshfield mass. i grew up racing motocross and all my friends still race, so its always fun to see everyone.

went out to plainfield a couple times. fun park

stoked on this pic steve took of me jumping the rollers. nothing special just a fun time

its summer. get weird

Monday, August 22, 2011

birthday party?

what a weird night

Sunday, August 21, 2011

how to celebrate a birthday during the anti bummer summer...

its been my birthday for the last 30 days.. my birthday is on august 20th. On july 20th i made a decision that since its the Anti-Bummer Summer.... i would celebrate for an entire month.

what a kick ass month!!  rope swings...

bunny hops..

sleeping in weird places

camp fires..

and a birthday bash finale... well it was someone elses party but i was there and it was my birthday..there... making it my birthday party. it got weird...

ghost football.

Anti Bummer Summer...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

new toucans song

late night camp plans

i always find myself in a situation where its 11PM and we decide to go camping. Last night was one of those occasions. it's 10PM "hey lets take a hike out to echo rock and swim" "thats a far hike... if we go out we should just sleep out there"  " ok sounds good"

camp fire... check

3 guys to one girl ratio....check

no sleep until 6 am... check

swimming at 6am.... check

good times with good friends.... check

Monday, August 15, 2011

mutha fuckin FBM!

stoked to the max. just got a bunch of new FBM stuff.  shirts, koozies, hats,videos. yesssssssss

take lessons.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

favorite comment


"You should stop and listen to what your actually saying because you sound ridiculous.This sport is dynamic and has gained a lot more popularity over the last few years so what's wrong with kids dreaming and being excited about the local talent ...shouldn't we inspire kids and promote the sport ?Is that privilege reserved only for paid Pros , I would hope not because all Pros started out as home grown local talent where the local kids looked up to them and that's how it should be. So when I see kids paying money to get mentored and trained in a BMX camp that's good for the sport and the professional way it should be done.As BMX grows in popularity more sponsors and bigger purses start to come forward we all need to inspire and help others in the sport whether it's free tips at the park, a paid lesson, or camp.

Also Clint Reynolds is not the only one who is not a paid "Pro' but an EXCEPTIONALLY TALENTED ....there must be hundreds who haven't got that yet but perhaps deserve it.What about all the riders sponsored on teams locally in there area ; ride in contests and get all kinds off stuff for free...isn't that like a local Pro I have seen both Clint and Joe Nelson ride and Joe is definitely right up there talent wise. Plus personally Joe is one of the nicest , friendliest, and humble talented BMX riders I have ever met.He is definitely good for the sport and you should be open to that ...oh and by the way Joe is all about having fun in BMX maybe you should check your sources It sounds like you don't want anyone else to be good at the sport"


so far... this has been my favorite comment i have got on this site... i underlined all the parts that made me laugh. i know its a waste of time to say anything back to this because its obviously a matter of opinion and there is no wrong or right when it comes to opinions.. but my friends that look at this site and share the same opinions as me. will get a kick out of it.

 there are the people that talk about "dynamics", "training", "sponsors", "money", "talent" and other words that acctually have NOTHING to do with BMX
     and then theres the guys who hang out for hours, laughing with their friends in a parking lot, seeing how many parking spaces they can fakie. i am fortunate to have never associated myself with people who rode their bicycles with training,money,and sponsors on their mind. and i never will. some kids start riding bikes with expectations of being the next dave mirra.. and some kids start riding bikes with expectations of making great friends and having even greater times with their friends, and nothing more. i am here to support the parking lot fakie bmx'er.

and if you're going to try and compare joe nelson and clint reynolds... you really dont understand bmx and your opinion isnt worth a damn

the x games

i think there is some confusion going on in the north east about bmx... im gonna go out on a limb here and say that the "X-GAMES" and "BMX" have nothing to do with each other. if you dont know what im talking might want to think about getting a new bmx personal trainer. they are teaching you the wrong stuff.
theres hope though!! the good news is there will be BMX lessons at the OUTDOOR skateparks around the north east.(sorry for the lack of foam pits).  The cost will be FREE and they will be giving lessons on how to have fun on your bikes.  focusing on the fundamentals and basics of bmx. lessons will include.... laughing, smiling, heckling, and chilling. if you would like to learn the basics before you start sending out resumes for your energy drink sponsors, get out of the indoors and start riding with bmx'ers, not Mike Spinners*..   its summer!!

heres the flyer for the "BMX LESSONS"

* mike spinner is not a bmx'er. it takes more than riding a bmx bike to be a bmx'er

International house of pancakes

played some hockey,went to the trails with friends. had a blast. jake honesto jumped the biggest transfer in the woods. 
joe nelson anonymously got pissed and 3rd person talked about himself 3 times, because he only gets respect in bmx by 13 year olds that are impressed with his flash.  some people find happiness in the attention riding brings to them... and some find happiness in the feeling riding brings to them. i guess theres no wrong way to eat a reeses.

beam me up lord

<3 i love looking at this

so after riding the trails jake and i were about to get in the car and we started doing some skids in the wet grass (we all know how fun that is). we were trying to rip it around a pine tree and after doing it a few times it was pretty fun 

 then i crashed and slid across the grass. i hear jake say "man that looks like fun, im trying to eat some shit" and starts sending it

look at this commitment to eating shit, basically hitting the ground and trying to ride it out. so awesome

pineapple pizza celebration

Thursday, August 11, 2011


My favorite thing about religious people is watching them do things that will cast them into the fiery lakes of hell. now they might say "oh well god forgives you if you believe" but thats just a loop hole for them to feel better about telling a little white lie. no one is perfect, everyone has impure thoughts,everyone fucks up and therefore, everyone will burn in this scary never never land christians call hell.

  the best part is, i can say and do whatever i want to christians because all i have to do is apologize and they have to accept my apology or, yet again, they will simmer in fire. now, i understand christians are hypocrites, and just the thought of reading this will get them to come up with a million reasons why im wrong and only im going to hell but theres one thing that is different between them and i.... i know hell is a make believe place that was made up to scare people into doing the right thing.

 i dont need something like that to scare me into doing good. i already do it because i know its the right thing to do. treat others how you would like to be treated. its pretty cut and dry.

there has been alot of bikes getting stolen in the providence area. we are getting phone calls weekly from people telling us to keep our eyes out for their bikes because they got stolen. but there is one incident that really bugs me.

there is a kid that goes to college at "johnston and wales". hes probably 20 years old and is going in hopes to some day be a chef. he rides his bmx bike back and forth to school and on his free time he rides at the skatepark. one day he came outside and his frame was still locked to the bike rack but all of his parts had been stolen. 
A kid that everyone calls "peacock" went to his school with wrenches and took his bike apart and stole all the parts off of it. then he sold all the parts to other kids. theres one kid in-particular that stood out. his name is Isais. Isais is very very religious. hes constantly going to church and on more than one occasion i have heard him mention god. After seeing the kid whos parts got stolen, have to come into the shop and spend 300 dollars to get his bike running again just so he could get to school, i felt it was necessary to say something to isais about his stolen back wheel.

i calmly said "hey man how is that stolen back wheel working?"  he immediately replied with "i didnt steal this wheel!" (im sure trying to justify his actions to the all mighty lord) i just said "i know you didnt steal it, but i know you knew it was stolen when you bought it from peacock" he again replied with "i didnt steal this wheel though" since he was getting a little defensive i thought it was time to say " what do you think GOD would think about you buying those stolen bike parts knowing they were stolen from someone?" 

this is why i love religion. i can say that to him to get my point across. he believes that he has to do right or else hes going to go to hell.  after he started screaming at me and calling me "whitey" and a "groupie"(which i still dont understand), i said "i hope you know your going to burn in hell for doing that" THE SHIT HIT THE FAN!! hahaha. his hands were in fists and arms were spread out wide like wings and he was yelling " you want the wheel? come get it from me.come on white boy! Fuck you bitch fuck you, you groupie ". i just said "no i dont want the wheel i have my own wheel that i worked for and paid for"  he was livid because he knew he was wrong and like any time you catch an immature person without a leg to stand on, the last resort is always going to be anger.

if over 80% of people in america are christian or other religions... why is there so much crime and hatred in this world? you would think if they believed in god, they would want to do the right thing so they get that ridiculous halo and white robe? 

stop stealing each others wouldnt want your stuff stolen so dont do it to someone else

god is watching.. DUN DUN DUNNNN!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

what is going on with bmx

i don't think about BMX as anything more than having a good time with my friends. But, that doesn't mean there isn't more to it. If you started riding BMX before 2000, You understand it. The generation of kids that started riding after that, just don't understand.
    For example,  Kids call the shop everyday and ask for Nitrous wheels. Because they look through a Dans Comp catalog and see that they are bright colors and cheap. They don't care that its a junk wheel and the company that makes them (Eastern) also just started 4 other companies that don't sell to bike shops so they can sell stuff for less than the shops and make more money off of it. And that is why we will never stock anything Eastern or Nitrous in the shop again (along with a bunch of other bike shops). Any company with that mentality doesn't care about the sport and is letting ignorant children take over the sport for the worst.

The companies should be the ones showing kids the way in BMX. not the kids leading the way in the wrong direction.  That is why i have so much respect for companies like FBM and T-1. Im not saying that because i ride for FBM. But its the reason why i am so honored to ride for a company like that. With all the change in BMX, FBM has refused to let the new generation of slow speed barspins and tailwhips tell them what to do. They would rather sell 10 bikes be broke and have their pride, than sell 200 bikes to kids like that. S and M is the same way, but instead they just started another company (FIT) to sell out with. Kids need to understand the roots before they grow.. not just throw a 360 tailwhip off a loading dock and expect some free shit. 

My friend Lino had a perfect example.basically he said, There is a reason why Ruben Alcantara can do a tire slide and it ends up on magazine covers, and theres a web video about him doing it and articles in magazines and its the talk of the town for weeks. He's earned that. it wasnt given to him. Hes done the 360 whips in a chest protector hes put out the best video parts, hes had a huge impact/influence on bmx.hes been sending it for 20 years.

Kids these days just dont get it. and unfortunately, if they keep thinking bmx is about being good at riding and getting sponsored, they are never going to understand it.

its just enjoying riding bikes with your friends.....