Wednesday, August 10, 2011

what is going on with bmx

i don't think about BMX as anything more than having a good time with my friends. But, that doesn't mean there isn't more to it. If you started riding BMX before 2000, You understand it. The generation of kids that started riding after that, just don't understand.
    For example,  Kids call the shop everyday and ask for Nitrous wheels. Because they look through a Dans Comp catalog and see that they are bright colors and cheap. They don't care that its a junk wheel and the company that makes them (Eastern) also just started 4 other companies that don't sell to bike shops so they can sell stuff for less than the shops and make more money off of it. And that is why we will never stock anything Eastern or Nitrous in the shop again (along with a bunch of other bike shops). Any company with that mentality doesn't care about the sport and is letting ignorant children take over the sport for the worst.

The companies should be the ones showing kids the way in BMX. not the kids leading the way in the wrong direction.  That is why i have so much respect for companies like FBM and T-1. Im not saying that because i ride for FBM. But its the reason why i am so honored to ride for a company like that. With all the change in BMX, FBM has refused to let the new generation of slow speed barspins and tailwhips tell them what to do. They would rather sell 10 bikes be broke and have their pride, than sell 200 bikes to kids like that. S and M is the same way, but instead they just started another company (FIT) to sell out with. Kids need to understand the roots before they grow.. not just throw a 360 tailwhip off a loading dock and expect some free shit. 

My friend Lino had a perfect example.basically he said, There is a reason why Ruben Alcantara can do a tire slide and it ends up on magazine covers, and theres a web video about him doing it and articles in magazines and its the talk of the town for weeks. He's earned that. it wasnt given to him. Hes done the 360 whips in a chest protector hes put out the best video parts, hes had a huge impact/influence on bmx.hes been sending it for 20 years.

Kids these days just dont get it. and unfortunately, if they keep thinking bmx is about being good at riding and getting sponsored, they are never going to understand it.

its just enjoying riding bikes with your friends.....


  1. This is one of the best posts I have read! I completely agree! we have all the kids doing that here in San Antonio and calling the shop I work at and ask for the same crappy stuff and just say they want to ride for company X to get "free" stuff and i always say "but i thought you ride a bike to have fun!?" Keep up the awesome posts Eric!

  2. hell yea eric, ur blog should be titled I RULE haha your the man

  3. I did a little rant on this not to long ago as well man here it is just incase you missed it