Sunday, August 14, 2011

the x games

i think there is some confusion going on in the north east about bmx... im gonna go out on a limb here and say that the "X-GAMES" and "BMX" have nothing to do with each other. if you dont know what im talking might want to think about getting a new bmx personal trainer. they are teaching you the wrong stuff.
theres hope though!! the good news is there will be BMX lessons at the OUTDOOR skateparks around the north east.(sorry for the lack of foam pits).  The cost will be FREE and they will be giving lessons on how to have fun on your bikes.  focusing on the fundamentals and basics of bmx. lessons will include.... laughing, smiling, heckling, and chilling. if you would like to learn the basics before you start sending out resumes for your energy drink sponsors, get out of the indoors and start riding with bmx'ers, not Mike Spinners*..   its summer!!

heres the flyer for the "BMX LESSONS"

* mike spinner is not a bmx'er. it takes more than riding a bmx bike to be a bmx'er

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