Sunday, August 14, 2011

favorite comment


"You should stop and listen to what your actually saying because you sound ridiculous.This sport is dynamic and has gained a lot more popularity over the last few years so what's wrong with kids dreaming and being excited about the local talent ...shouldn't we inspire kids and promote the sport ?Is that privilege reserved only for paid Pros , I would hope not because all Pros started out as home grown local talent where the local kids looked up to them and that's how it should be. So when I see kids paying money to get mentored and trained in a BMX camp that's good for the sport and the professional way it should be done.As BMX grows in popularity more sponsors and bigger purses start to come forward we all need to inspire and help others in the sport whether it's free tips at the park, a paid lesson, or camp.

Also Clint Reynolds is not the only one who is not a paid "Pro' but an EXCEPTIONALLY TALENTED ....there must be hundreds who haven't got that yet but perhaps deserve it.What about all the riders sponsored on teams locally in there area ; ride in contests and get all kinds off stuff for free...isn't that like a local Pro I have seen both Clint and Joe Nelson ride and Joe is definitely right up there talent wise. Plus personally Joe is one of the nicest , friendliest, and humble talented BMX riders I have ever met.He is definitely good for the sport and you should be open to that ...oh and by the way Joe is all about having fun in BMX maybe you should check your sources It sounds like you don't want anyone else to be good at the sport"


so far... this has been my favorite comment i have got on this site... i underlined all the parts that made me laugh. i know its a waste of time to say anything back to this because its obviously a matter of opinion and there is no wrong or right when it comes to opinions.. but my friends that look at this site and share the same opinions as me. will get a kick out of it.

 there are the people that talk about "dynamics", "training", "sponsors", "money", "talent" and other words that acctually have NOTHING to do with BMX
     and then theres the guys who hang out for hours, laughing with their friends in a parking lot, seeing how many parking spaces they can fakie. i am fortunate to have never associated myself with people who rode their bicycles with training,money,and sponsors on their mind. and i never will. some kids start riding bikes with expectations of being the next dave mirra.. and some kids start riding bikes with expectations of making great friends and having even greater times with their friends, and nothing more. i am here to support the parking lot fakie bmx'er.

and if you're going to try and compare joe nelson and clint reynolds... you really dont understand bmx and your opinion isnt worth a damn


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  2. MEGA RIGHT! i would say maual parking lot bmxers, or sand skidders, both are good. GO TEAM SHARKY!

  3. its the battle of the lineal brake with the gyro sistem haha just kiddin..i think exactly like you are like a god teacher of the bmx..this kids have too much to learn

  4. leafpile skidders

  5. BMX = SMILES FOR MILES, if not your doing wrong its that simple

  6. i love all this....... except fakies

  7. Sansabar is a really funny word to say.

  8. i can't pronounce it.... it sounds stupid when i try....
    it's a stupid name all together...... it doesn't even sound irish

  9. must suck to be a crusty...

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