Wednesday, August 3, 2011

the calm before the storm

its been calm. same stuff over and over again. swimming, bike riding, hanging out with friends, playing music, skateboarding, eating good food,swimming, and swimming.

mark choquette is a stay at home dad. he has a dog that is massive and he has a band room in his basement. and hes a stay at home dad.

this is NOT mark choquettes dog. but it IS a creepy picture of vic.

profile dudes are in the north east. wet paper bagging it. completely useless. going to be in danielson today. vics going to steal ideas from chucks bike shop. secret agent man.

i went to my local park and they randomly added a roller.. i was stoked! how many skateparks do you go to where they just randomly add stuff. like awesome rollers?

jake honesto loves adidas. anything adidas. tear off wind pants, sambas, these blue shorts.dont matter

went for a hike with sean ryan, the sleep, and jake yesterday. maybe again this afternoon.

sasquatch sleeper

sean ran it with a hurt foot and a cane. its nice when people arent babies about shit. excuses excuses all the time. seans like fuck it my foot is toast and i have a cane...lets go hiking

classic sleeper

shit show

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