Thursday, August 11, 2011


My favorite thing about religious people is watching them do things that will cast them into the fiery lakes of hell. now they might say "oh well god forgives you if you believe" but thats just a loop hole for them to feel better about telling a little white lie. no one is perfect, everyone has impure thoughts,everyone fucks up and therefore, everyone will burn in this scary never never land christians call hell.

  the best part is, i can say and do whatever i want to christians because all i have to do is apologize and they have to accept my apology or, yet again, they will simmer in fire. now, i understand christians are hypocrites, and just the thought of reading this will get them to come up with a million reasons why im wrong and only im going to hell but theres one thing that is different between them and i.... i know hell is a make believe place that was made up to scare people into doing the right thing.

 i dont need something like that to scare me into doing good. i already do it because i know its the right thing to do. treat others how you would like to be treated. its pretty cut and dry.

there has been alot of bikes getting stolen in the providence area. we are getting phone calls weekly from people telling us to keep our eyes out for their bikes because they got stolen. but there is one incident that really bugs me.

there is a kid that goes to college at "johnston and wales". hes probably 20 years old and is going in hopes to some day be a chef. he rides his bmx bike back and forth to school and on his free time he rides at the skatepark. one day he came outside and his frame was still locked to the bike rack but all of his parts had been stolen. 
A kid that everyone calls "peacock" went to his school with wrenches and took his bike apart and stole all the parts off of it. then he sold all the parts to other kids. theres one kid in-particular that stood out. his name is Isais. Isais is very very religious. hes constantly going to church and on more than one occasion i have heard him mention god. After seeing the kid whos parts got stolen, have to come into the shop and spend 300 dollars to get his bike running again just so he could get to school, i felt it was necessary to say something to isais about his stolen back wheel.

i calmly said "hey man how is that stolen back wheel working?"  he immediately replied with "i didnt steal this wheel!" (im sure trying to justify his actions to the all mighty lord) i just said "i know you didnt steal it, but i know you knew it was stolen when you bought it from peacock" he again replied with "i didnt steal this wheel though" since he was getting a little defensive i thought it was time to say " what do you think GOD would think about you buying those stolen bike parts knowing they were stolen from someone?" 

this is why i love religion. i can say that to him to get my point across. he believes that he has to do right or else hes going to go to hell.  after he started screaming at me and calling me "whitey" and a "groupie"(which i still dont understand), i said "i hope you know your going to burn in hell for doing that" THE SHIT HIT THE FAN!! hahaha. his hands were in fists and arms were spread out wide like wings and he was yelling " you want the wheel? come get it from me.come on white boy! Fuck you bitch fuck you, you groupie ". i just said "no i dont want the wheel i have my own wheel that i worked for and paid for"  he was livid because he knew he was wrong and like any time you catch an immature person without a leg to stand on, the last resort is always going to be anger.

if over 80% of people in america are christian or other religions... why is there so much crime and hatred in this world? you would think if they believed in god, they would want to do the right thing so they get that ridiculous halo and white robe? 

stop stealing each others wouldnt want your stuff stolen so dont do it to someone else

god is watching.. DUN DUN DUNNNN!!


  1. This same kind of shit has been going on with all of the kids/people that come in to/are around the shop that I work at. You try your best to do right by a lot of them, keep them rolling the best you can, then some of these little mother fuckers slap you in the face by showing up with stolen parts and acting just like how you explained. A lot of them just don't even care.

    Now, I get it that a lot of kids/adults/people/whatever don't have the means that a lot of other people have--but like you said, there seem to be a lot of people that aren't raising their kids to value hard work and integrity. It's fucking sad, and it breaks your fucking heart.

    I could go on about this for a long time.

    I don't think it has to do with religion necessarily, though. People are just being lazy and shitty and raising their kids to be lazy and shitty, and they're hanging out with people that are lazy and shitty, and the cycle just keeps on propagating itself.

    That, and religious people are slow. Of course people that believe in fairy tales are going to do stupid contradictory things.

  2. ted from little rockAugust 12, 2011 at 4:09 PM

    couldnt agree more with post.

  3. but at the same time, like you said, i treat others how i want to be treated. i hate when christians, or anybody for that matter, try to judge me for not believing in what they do. so i try not to judge them. sure none of it makes any sense, but at least most of them are at least TRYING to be good people

  4. henny you could be a little baby jesus,

  5. Agree fully!
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  6. henny ur posts just keep on getting better, i would kill to see what goes on in the shop with u, im gettin back tuesday which means i get to sit on that beloved couch. thank you for ur effort in blogs and what not, making this scene a whole lot gnarlier

  7. your standards for christians are like you expect them to not be human? some kind of crazy peice of perfection lol. admittedly a lot of people out there are false christians. But it is just as horrid to accuse all christians of being ignorant brats (without being open minded to it) as it is to steal a back rim. you wouldnt like to be called a stupid punk bmxer who's life is going no where. because thats merely a point of view (an uneducated point of view) as is your comments on all christians being hypocritical wankers. i really like your blog man. just breaks my heart that such a nice bloke has such hate towards christians ( i am christian ) . i hate being hated because of some duecebag that is nothing like me. and other than his claims on christianity we have nothing in common. in the bible god says he loves and forgives all, even if they dont beleive in him. the fact you have pointed out that christians are bad. but they are meant to be good. shows that you agree with the idea. but not the people. so therefore dont hate everyone. because you havent met all the people? your a good bloke. and your appreciating this world far more than a lot of christians i know, and thats what god asked us to do. its in the bible man. your a christian basically lol.