Sunday, August 14, 2011

International house of pancakes

played some hockey,went to the trails with friends. had a blast. jake honesto jumped the biggest transfer in the woods. 
joe nelson anonymously got pissed and 3rd person talked about himself 3 times, because he only gets respect in bmx by 13 year olds that are impressed with his flash.  some people find happiness in the attention riding brings to them... and some find happiness in the feeling riding brings to them. i guess theres no wrong way to eat a reeses.

beam me up lord

<3 i love looking at this

so after riding the trails jake and i were about to get in the car and we started doing some skids in the wet grass (we all know how fun that is). we were trying to rip it around a pine tree and after doing it a few times it was pretty fun 

 then i crashed and slid across the grass. i hear jake say "man that looks like fun, im trying to eat some shit" and starts sending it

look at this commitment to eating shit, basically hitting the ground and trying to ride it out. so awesome

pineapple pizza celebration

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