Sunday, October 30, 2011

halloween in plymouth

halloween is fun. everyone just dresses up in costumes and has a good time... for no reason. its great.

last year i spent my halloween in austin. i was charles manson. which basically consisted of me wearing work boots and a flannel and drawing a swastika on my forehead. i never try and put too much thought into my costume.. i like it to just come to me on its own. this year i just wanted to paint my face. i didnt care what i was dressed as... as long as i could paint my face. my friend ryan wanted to be davey crocket.

since we waited till the last minute.. we went to the thrift store to find our costumes.with a skeleton painted face i decided to wear my friends captains hat and a womans silk blouse...thats pretty much it.

went to a party at ryans friend jimmys. good food, good times.


the beautiful fairy.. bridgette

dogs ruuuule

 happy halloween

Thursday, October 27, 2011

adventure break

the last month or two before i head south for the winter, is always spent working more than i usually do. trying to pack up some money to get me somewhere warm and keep me situated until i can figure out my next step.

working can suck....neil young is really really awesome though..

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

new fbm video

in 2001 fbm put out a video called all time low.. the mainiac's part was always on the top of my list. since then they have put out other videos but not one with individual rider sections..

the new video is going to be awesome.. heres the trailer for it

FBM DVD-Thousand Yard Stare trailer from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Friday, October 21, 2011


i have been working with my friend ryan in plymouth mass at his boat yard getting boats ready for the winter. its always fun to do something out of the ordinary. and winterizing boats is a weird one.

my friends out here are amazing. i always really enjoy hanging out with them, its a whole new environment.

been crusing this bad boy


puggle chops

real stoked on this picture.. i was gonna get a pic of my friend handing my other friend a beer over the fire... and busby had the same plan, came out pretty cool.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

1000th post

1000 posts.... yay

trail photos

heres some pictures from the trails

sandwich owl


bear honesto

roughed in

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

new england trail season

this is the best time to ride your bike in the north east... especially if you ride trails. the temperature is perfect, the fires burn beautifully, the mosquitos are almost gone, and everyone is stoked.
 jake and i have been working on a new line at the cumby trails. we decided we wanted to hit some left hips and there was none there so we built a few... its coming along and should be getting dialed just in time for snow.. and then its the southern trail season..

heres a few random pics from rhode island in the last few weeks..

dean sleeper.

stupid handlebars

party pigs!!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

mount monadnock

new england in the fall is beautiful.. there are people that live places where there the leaves don't turn colors... and some of those people have never left those places.

my friend amanda and i went for a hike up at mount monadnock the other day.. i dont know how long it takes to get up to the top but its easily done in a day. the place was packed with people.. which sucks but at the same time it was nice to see people out there enjoying the beauty. you always see some people you wouldnt expect out there and i like that.

half way up there

the top

apple sauce novak

the bottom

the perfect day

Thursday, October 13, 2011

has anyone done this already??

theres nothing i hate more than riding bikes with people that are worried about what tricks have been filmed on a spot. if you go somewhere to ride your bike and you dont do something because its "already been done".. you are a fucking nerd.  on the last trip i was on i had to straight up lie to someone and tell him that noone had done this rail in pawtucket (even though i knew multiple people had done it) just so that he would do it.. and it was bad ass!
  what ever happened to people doing things because they want to and thats all that matters. the satisfaction you get from pushing yourself a little bit, has been compromised with the satisfaction of filming something no one has done. thats the best thing about trails, people dont decide to not 360 a big dirt jumps because someone has already done it.

i mentioned this to my friend who films and he said

" if its something big and someone else has already filmed it, why would you risk getting hurt to do it again."

HAHAHAHA.. if your motivation to do something on your bike is based off whether or not someone has already done it... you are riding for the wrong reason. maybe you should invest some money into the law offices of Walter Falstein. and fill out your "already been done" forms to protect your spots and tricks from getting "re-done". this video is amazing

DVS Presents | Legal A.B.D. from DVS Shoe Company on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

nyc and home

the start of my journey back home, started with 2 days in new york city. they were headed to the city on thursday morning and i wasnt taking a bus until friday night so i tagged along for another day and a half with them.

they got a hotel and i fell asleep on the floor. when i woke up shitty was truing his wheels in bed..

bobs dog harley..



went to animal in the afternoon. place is crazy. ralph is the best

shitty mac

i have always kind of disliked new york city.. i dont know if its because it was so big and im not much of a city person, or all the people... but new york is amazing, i really enjoyed just cruising around all day.

jumped on a bus with my friend lexy and finally headed back to providence. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

the wrench

a wrench got thrown into the gears after being at vans house for a few days... i was planning on riding to boston with them on monday.. but with crappy weather they decided to pull the plug on that idea. i maybe should have budgeted my money a little better because i was out of money by tuesday night with no ride home in the bottom of new jersey.

rode here a little bit

film crew

curb cuts



things turned for the betteron wednesday when van let me work at 2x4 to make a few bucks to take a bus home. his shop is sick and it has the most comfortable seat i have ever sat on.


up next was the trip to nyc...

Monday, October 10, 2011

fbm trip last few days team van homan

woke up at jasons and finished watching buffalo rider. drove from his place in albany to FBM in binghamton.

it was a party. photo shoot..

adam rocking out on the fork guitar

the ginches!!

the trick took a little turn from binghamton... the plan was to finish the trip at the Heathens halloween trail jam. all my friends from home were going and i was going to catch a ride back with them. But the weather was terrible and we headed to New Jersey for the 5 year anniversary party of vans shop, 2x4.  

we got to vans house late in the night and there was a heavy crew of dudes there. a couple of the fit dudes, the stink pit crew, fits bearded personal filmer, navin r johnson, and then our huge crew. it was a party.

the next day we hung out at 2x4 and rode a 3 foot spine all day..

after the party at vans shop the rest of the team headed beack to richmond while i stayed in new jersey. my new plan was to take the bus the next day from philadelphia to providence. fortunately for me, van and a few of the other guys were going to boston on monday to do some riding and they said i could stick around for a few days and just catch a ride with them. the next few days were a serious party every night.. one night we went to the bar and then there was legit karaoke back at the house..the house was full and i had some terrible videos of van and gannwear singing that taylor swift song "fifteen"...but after some thought i decided not to post it..