Sunday, October 30, 2011

halloween in plymouth

halloween is fun. everyone just dresses up in costumes and has a good time... for no reason. its great.

last year i spent my halloween in austin. i was charles manson. which basically consisted of me wearing work boots and a flannel and drawing a swastika on my forehead. i never try and put too much thought into my costume.. i like it to just come to me on its own. this year i just wanted to paint my face. i didnt care what i was dressed as... as long as i could paint my face. my friend ryan wanted to be davey crocket.

since we waited till the last minute.. we went to the thrift store to find our costumes.with a skeleton painted face i decided to wear my friends captains hat and a womans silk blouse...thats pretty much it.

went to a party at ryans friend jimmys. good food, good times.


the beautiful fairy.. bridgette

dogs ruuuule

 happy halloween

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