Thursday, October 13, 2011

has anyone done this already??

theres nothing i hate more than riding bikes with people that are worried about what tricks have been filmed on a spot. if you go somewhere to ride your bike and you dont do something because its "already been done".. you are a fucking nerd.  on the last trip i was on i had to straight up lie to someone and tell him that noone had done this rail in pawtucket (even though i knew multiple people had done it) just so that he would do it.. and it was bad ass!
  what ever happened to people doing things because they want to and thats all that matters. the satisfaction you get from pushing yourself a little bit, has been compromised with the satisfaction of filming something no one has done. thats the best thing about trails, people dont decide to not 360 a big dirt jumps because someone has already done it.

i mentioned this to my friend who films and he said

" if its something big and someone else has already filmed it, why would you risk getting hurt to do it again."

HAHAHAHA.. if your motivation to do something on your bike is based off whether or not someone has already done it... you are riding for the wrong reason. maybe you should invest some money into the law offices of Walter Falstein. and fill out your "already been done" forms to protect your spots and tricks from getting "re-done". this video is amazing

DVS Presents | Legal A.B.D. from DVS Shoe Company on Vimeo.

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  1. So true! Who gives a shit what anyone else is doing or done....