Monday, October 10, 2011

fbm trip last few days team van homan

woke up at jasons and finished watching buffalo rider. drove from his place in albany to FBM in binghamton.

it was a party. photo shoot..

adam rocking out on the fork guitar

the ginches!!

the trick took a little turn from binghamton... the plan was to finish the trip at the Heathens halloween trail jam. all my friends from home were going and i was going to catch a ride back with them. But the weather was terrible and we headed to New Jersey for the 5 year anniversary party of vans shop, 2x4.  

we got to vans house late in the night and there was a heavy crew of dudes there. a couple of the fit dudes, the stink pit crew, fits bearded personal filmer, navin r johnson, and then our huge crew. it was a party.

the next day we hung out at 2x4 and rode a 3 foot spine all day..

after the party at vans shop the rest of the team headed beack to richmond while i stayed in new jersey. my new plan was to take the bus the next day from philadelphia to providence. fortunately for me, van and a few of the other guys were going to boston on monday to do some riding and they said i could stick around for a few days and just catch a ride with them. the next few days were a serious party every night.. one night we went to the bar and then there was legit karaoke back at the house..the house was full and i had some terrible videos of van and gannwear singing that taylor swift song "fifteen"...but after some thought i decided not to post it..

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