Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

tuesday fun times

yesterday was springs won the wiffle ball game...and me and billy wrote a new snake hunters song...wich is so crazy because we havent wrote a new tune since florida..i hope we start writing new songs alot more often...the game win felt real good..we wont 12 to 8 i think and now were only down by 2 games and were going into kickball next week...i love kick ball

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

ron paul

ron paul is the man

Sunday, July 20, 2008

still no camera

im still waiting on a camera but im trying to keep this alive till i get one..its tough cause i got no pics to post and noone wants to just read bad stories of the useless crap that i do with my time...but oh me and adam went wakeskating and then i built a counter top in my kitchen..totally sweet...damn i wish i had some trails to ride :(...i dont like posting when im not having good times with friends at the really excited for the profile new england trails trip...its gonna be a hoot and mike saavedra is gonna do flip whips in our faces...awesome

Saturday, July 19, 2008

all fitness no fun

matt tito and myself rode to providence last was a good time and it was hot...i was gona stay out there but i decided to come home instead...on the way home matt was all fitness and no fun...he was in straight training mode..wasnt about to slow down for tito on his mt i waited around and me and tito set forth on our nice journey home..unfortunately without matt because he didnt wanna go our slow pace because it was not good enough fitness training for he took off alone and rode my himself :(...oh well...i have no pictures cause my cvamera is still poopie...i havent been posting anything because i dont have a camera and i feel stupid posting words and no rather post pictures and no words...theyre funner to look at and you dont have to read camera coming soon...i have a lady bug crawling on my lap top right now with like 18 spots...thats pretty dialed

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


i got lost on my road bike yesterday...i was gonna do like 2o miles and ended up doing 50..and then the all stars beat us again in wiffy...putting them back up 3 games springs still rules...

Monday, July 14, 2008

3 hundo

i broke 300 miles on the road cycle gonna try to do a bunch tomorrow after i build a counter top in my guy is funny and i think don at D.A.S. should have an event called "donielson"..oone month till the profile trails trip...oh boy am i much fun...

i forgot about this

don day

heres a couple pictures of the amazing tandem bicycle we rode up lum and mitch smoked matt and lyme 20 seconds.good times were had by many(but probly not them)

booooo tooo meee

i havent been able to post because we have been having some internet problems in my i havent really had a computer to use this weekend was pretty lowkey...i have been riding my road bike alot..about 40 miles a gonna post some pictures from dons race yesterday..tuesday night we lost volley ball and that sucks..tomorrow is gona be the 3rd wiffy game...hopefully good things can happen for c springs...heres a few pictures from volley ball last week and some pics from the 4th of july party at the cottage

doritos and mt dewimg_3510

matt faceimg_3531

brooke is good at volley ballimg_3544


Eric can't update the site that much cause he has been feeling so defeated from all the losing over there at the coutry springs camp. Since the last post, there hasn't been much action at the trails, Eric gave Adam the HIV, Eric and Matt road each other up Lomme st. I almost passed out and threw up after getting 1 minute 20 seconds of exersize, we all went and hucked ourselves off a rope swing which eric tied together(sketch) and we got ice cream at Buttonwood farm again. Matt brasard was crying cause he had salt in his eyes and as usual, Tito was no where to found after being totally lit the night before. Thats the weekend. Check this out. Laterz, Chuck

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


since the trails have been slow to start i havent had a whole bunch of stuff to post...ive been posting some random stuff...heres a music video from van

this guy

i remember watching this video back in the day and shitting my pants...this guy is sooo worth watching...i cant figure out how he does any of springs lost last sucks...i posted that video of the guy on the hi wheel bike falling on vics page but he deleted this guy play the guitar and enjoy....this weekend if the l'homme street challenge all i have to say is "real men do it tandem" afraid...its sunday and its a charity thing don at DAS is putting on...come to it because its gonna be awesome...and you will have a chance to win one of the shirts im making

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Monday, July 7, 2008


adam fell asleep when he got home from i went for a little rode bike ride...i was headed to mitches to see if he wanted to go for a ride and on my way i saw him ...he was riding to my house to see if i wanted to go for a it worked out sweet..we went for a 19 mile ride on some really really really nice gonna be riding on those roads alot more often...tomrrow is country springs vs all stars...the second week of volley excited...volley ball is so much fun..i wanna put together a few games just for fun during the week sometime...road biking is such a hoot of a time...i love it...heres a picture of a homemade hot sair balloon that i made that i thought would work...but it just lit on fire :(

skateboarding rules

me and adam are gonna start filming for a skateboarding video part we are gonna have in a local skate excited because i think me and adam both have stuff to offer a video part and its gonna be sweet sharing a part with him...we fuel off eachothers energy and i think we are gonna get some shit done...boooyah

Sunday, July 6, 2008


adam and i went up to the orchard this afternoon and started to excited and the dirt is amazing..we started out the first line with a big berm...were gonna get up there this week and build the next jump and go from pretty excited about it because its adams property so i wont have to worry about it...i took a few pics of the spot and then a few pics of the berm we camera suckes sooo bad so the pics are blurry but it kinda gives you an idea of the so pumped

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Thursday, July 3, 2008

lacking on the posts

ive been lacking on the i have been busy seems like i have been having tons of things i have to do everyday...and i have been riding my roadbike a working on getting a new charger for my camera and then im gonna be posting new pics all the its gonna be fun....go have fun

volley ball for president

volley ball is the funnest thing we play in the c springs allstars series...hands down...tuesday nights game was so fun and ann marie took a bunch of pics of it...tomorrow is the annual nasonfest at the cottage on quaddick lake...always a good time...(except last year when i had to swim across the lake)...sooo come one come all to the nasonfest at the someone for directions...mitch bought a road bike today...its dialed..we are gonna do some rides..i cant wait...heres some sweet pics from volly click here!!!

the mvp'simg_3481

the celebration img_3505

matts got it coveredimg_3500


flourescent bearimg_3475

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

yayyyy c springs 2-3

last night was the 5th game of the springs started out this season loosing the first 2 wiffy games and the first kicky game..we were 0-3 at the begining and i thought we were on a downward spiral...but we won the second kickball game and then went into volly last night with some confidence...volley ball is a best out of 3 games format...we lost the first game and started getting crushed the second game..and i thought it was over...but the springs started playing amazing and the allstars had nothing for us..we caught up and won the secong game and then dominated the 3rd now we are 2-3 and theres another volleyball game next week..fat matt killed it in v ball and he is a great addition to the country springs...i talked to him on the phone and he says " i was just thinking about how much more awesome our team is than theres" team flourescent rules...allstars suck...ann marie took a bunch of sweet pics soo i am gonna post some of them as soon as she loads them up...thanks annamaria!!! until then heres some pics from kickball last week


this is why matt rules..heres a pic of matt heckling theyre old teammate j rod(pussyface)img_3204

b cycleimg_3241

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


tonight is the first game of volley ball in the coutry springs vs the allstars battle royale...i hope it pours rain out because that will be soo fun...coutry springs is the best team ever...we gonna make sure i take some snapshots and post them up on here tonight...i love volleyball ,its so much fun...we should have a hefty crew of people down there tonight..between spectators and players we should be around 20 ...i look forward to tuesday night ballin every week...i cant wait to see the outcome of the game giddy with excitement!!!!!