Sunday, February 28, 2010

memphis awesomeness

memphis has been amazing...soo much stuff going on its hard to write about everything.. you would not be able to be a vegetarian in wills house.. its crazy meat dishes every night..the other night we sat around eating steaks talking about a cow that got stuck in the mud and died.. southern people are serious carnivores.. after hearing that though i had to go on the hunt to find the remains because wills dog came back to the house with the cows was nasty..they ate the whole thing.   we found the rest of it.....

been riding some amazing spots ..we did a trip to little rock arkansas this past weekend and it was amazing..big post with pics tomorrow of al the great spots..for now heres a panoramic of wills cows and a panoramic of the ramp setup at the local trails here in town

and a picture of the sign that was at the pizza place in little rock

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

And here's the Prestige!!!!

Sorry Eric, had to do it!!!


Ok Dan Danger here with some news FAR too big not to post. Danielson local Chuck Goldy gets recruited to team SnakeMonkey after pulling off the ultimate SNAKE of all SNAKES!!!! it was an amazing start to a shity rainy day but WELL WELL WORTH IT!!!! I don't wanna give to much away but i can promise there will be some amazing pics up soon!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

ramp mods

been working on wills ramp the last 2 days trying to make it a little more fun..we officialy finished up tonight and we are psyched on the way everything came out..heres some pictures of the progress

vic bettencourt olympic figure skater??

thats right alot of you didnt know but circuit bmx owner vic bettencourt is in the olympics..i didnt know it either but vics bud bobby parker sent this picture over and its deffinitly vic. congratulations

Monday, February 22, 2010

animal farm

i just read the book animal was has nothing to do with animals and george orwell was a smart man for writing the things he wrote in that book the way that he wrote them..its a quick few hr read but its well worth it.. read it 

Saturday, February 20, 2010

will rock

memphis is sick...been working a bunch to have some loot for puerto rico..gonna be awesome..rode and amazing mini ramp in this guy franks back yard..he had a coaster dont even understand the mini ramp techness that can happen with a coaster brake...barspin abubaca?? 540 tire tap triple barspin..switch handed lawn mowers.. the list would extend for days..frank is my new favorite rider...he is 2 wicked!!!! watch the fbm half and half video they ride a bad ass waterpark...and other awesome stuff.. we are riding all that stuff this excited.. the weather has been in the 60's the last few pretty siked right now!!!!!!!!!nick f did a sweet post about dudes wearing shoelaces as belts now and when they look like g strings..always funny to see that..i dont get the shoelace belt thing..why not a belt belt holeshotbmx

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

thanks mike c

mike cottle of wasted youth , took a sweet picture of me while i was in sunny florida.. he was so kind to mail it over to me this week and now i get to share it with my family and friends..thanks mike see you in florida in a month!!

kick out seat grab

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


i told a girl i had a surgical procedure that traded my inside guts with a lions insides so i was acctualy a lion on the inside and she sent me this picture

Monday, February 15, 2010

the internet

man the internet was full of goodies lately!!! garret byrnes props bio on leastmost!!

mulville starting to ride for subrosa!!

and lets not forget the amazing write up by the spokesman for bmx adam 22 on how its not ok to "song jack" in a "web edit" ..bwaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

i think im gonna use that metallica song homan used in criminal mischief for my next "web edit"lol

im in such a good mood today

get siiiiiiiikedddd!!!!!!!!

(chuck goldy is a pussy)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

new video

this video might suck to watch for you...but its awesome for me

this girl asked me how i feel about these things tonight?? i thought it was acctually a pretty good question..frilly toothpicks are really stupid and kinda funny when you think about it

clayton rules

been riding a bunch with wills friend clayton.. he is one of the best people to ride with i have ever met.. suuuper happy all the time and just genuinely happy to be on his bike..riding partners like that are not always easy to find so you have to appreciate it when you get the pics to blow em up

memphis street

rode the sweetest spot was a dialed cobblestone berm...i was loving life.. fun days of riding thats for sure..after that will had a gathering of faces in his barn to ride the was a blast of a day for sure...oh yea and i made his mom and sister breakfast for valentines day . 

Friday, February 12, 2010

working in arkansas

been working a little bit to get some money for some up coming trips.. been working in these ghetto apartments right on the tennessee line in arkansas.. the last few days have been pretty gnarly..just breaking tons of stuff and finding weird things..this week i found some good finds.. i found a plate specifically made for a slice of pizza!!!! a cute kitten..a room full of burnt cans where people liked to cook their heroin,and a sweet rap cd of a guy who calls himself "don fetti" can tell hes a major baller by the picture of him on the cd..oh yea...the kitten was dead..and Will accidentally stepped on was gross

i dont know if theres alot of juggalos in this area but there sure is a bunch of faygo..juggalos whould be siked.. had a dominos chicken alfredo pasta breadbowl for lunch yesterday..delicious

it snowed here the other day..someone acctually told me that there was snow on the ground in all the states..i guess maybe not hawaii? he said all 50 but i dunno about hawaii..i took a picture out the back window
whats better to do when its snowy and bad outside than lay by the fire and keep warm??pancho agrees its the best..pancho for president!!

autism rides!!!

my roommates are in the process of riding their bicycles across the united augustine florida to san diego california.they have a website with pictures along the way and little stories..they could be the worst spelling dudes i have ever seen in my life but they know how to have a good time and they are all so positive and happy all the gets me siked to see and hear about their travels..theres a link at the top of the page if you wanna check out where they have been..

Thursday, February 11, 2010

friends dogs

went and had dinner with wills friends clayton and amy.. they had 3 amazing friendly dogs named bella,lika,and eve.. they kicked huge ass..people in memphis are soo friendly.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

flight for fun

i bought my plane ticket today to fly to florida from phoenix.. so ill be in florida on the 16th!!! and then fly out on the 19th from florida to puerto rico..if anyone wants to go let me know..the tickets are 50 bucks each way from orlando to pr... lets gooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

sight seeing

the other day we went street riding in the city and checked out all the sites..memphis is pretty famous for being the birthplace of rock and roll and blues..the home of elvis and bb king..they have beal street wich is a street full of bars and nightclubs that were famous for hosting a bunch of musicians..pretty awesome city ..really good street stuff

they even have a crazy hotel where they trained ducks to take the elevator down from the roof where they live to the lobby to hang out in the fountain..its absolutely crazy.

Monday, February 8, 2010

made this last night

i wanna thank my family for getting me a digital camera for christmas..i really appreciate it and its going to give me a chance to remember a great winter..soo thank you (theres a password on it until crandall makes the official video of the trip )

it snowed here today....its crazy . i stole a joke from bekmeyers site seems fitting since i was just looking at cows

Two cows are standing in a pasture. One turns to the other and says “Although pi is usually abbreviated to five numbers, it actually goes on into infinity.”
The second cow turns to the first and says, “Moo.”

Sunday, February 7, 2010

memphis tennessee

ive been in memphis staying with my friend will ..hes got 20 horses and 50 cows..some of the cows have some awesome babies

will has some bad ass dogs too.. one of them is named pancho and we are best friends..we had a photo shoot the other night

the other night i went out to ride the ramp in his barn and i turned on the lights and there was a cow in my face..he scared the crap out of me..memphis rules..tons of awesome dog pics to come