Saturday, February 20, 2010

will rock

memphis is sick...been working a bunch to have some loot for puerto rico..gonna be awesome..rode and amazing mini ramp in this guy franks back yard..he had a coaster dont even understand the mini ramp techness that can happen with a coaster brake...barspin abubaca?? 540 tire tap triple barspin..switch handed lawn mowers.. the list would extend for days..frank is my new favorite rider...he is 2 wicked!!!! watch the fbm half and half video they ride a bad ass waterpark...and other awesome stuff.. we are riding all that stuff this excited.. the weather has been in the 60's the last few pretty siked right now!!!!!!!!!nick f did a sweet post about dudes wearing shoelaces as belts now and when they look like g strings..always funny to see that..i dont get the shoelace belt thing..why not a belt belt holeshotbmx

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