Wednesday, February 3, 2010

day 7....florida!!!!!

after savannah we started driving to florida..we camped out just outside of jacksonville and cooked some awesome food..theres something about bmx and camping and cooking over a fire that go hand and hand with each other..start experiencing it ,its amazing

the next day was the most eventful day of the trip so far...when we woke up we rode a beautiful skatepark..i skated a bunch and the local skaters were is amazing to see how good people are on skateboards

after that park we met a few locals and headed to another park.. they didnt allow bikes though so no one was able to ride... but i grabbed my board and shredded a few carves over the door

after we got kicked out of that park we went to some local trails that were made out of sand but we had a blast there..and we were all introduced to a legend red bull mutha f-ing dave!!!!!
i took 2 amazing pictures or the man himself..and a quick clip of the over under sessions

after the jumps we found a campsite on the beach.. the first official beach session of the south..the water was freezing but that didnt stop the ginches and i from taking a sweet did..and i got this creepy picture of

after we went to the beach we went out and sleeper got loose and we stayed at someones house and it was awesome..they had an amazing dog... and it danced on its back legs on command.. un believable.. crazy 8 the oldest city in augustine baby!!!

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